Budget Rent-a-Car - Budget/Domicar Israel Auto Repair Scam

Posted on Friday, August 8th, 2008 at 2:59pm CDT by d2af7992

Product: Car Rental

Company: Budget Rent-a-Car

Location: POB 211 Ben-Gurien Airport
70100, IL

URL: http://www.budget.co.il/

Category: Other

Budget Rent-a-Car of Israel, run by Domicar, Ltd., rented a car to my company that had a number of minor scratches. No big deal, and they were all accounted for. When I returned the car, they claimed there was new "damage," and they pointed out a grease smudge. On the spot, I wiped most of it off with my finger, but they still claimed it was damaged, which I vigorously protested. On the "damage report," I even stated that it was a dirt spot, nothing more. They said they would take a closer look, and not do anything if the mark was minor.

A few weeks later, I saw that my credit card was charged $539 from Budget, with no explanation. After after having my credit card impose a charge-back, and writing a note to Budget Customer Service, I found out that Budget Israel had gone ahead without my authorization and "fixed" the smudge.

Charges included: $115 for an Assessor's Report (which comes out to over $600/hr); $115 for paint (which comes out to about $1,000/gallon); and $93 for an inexplicable "handling fee."

Budget corporate washed its hands of any customer service, stating that I had to deal with the Israel office. Our company's local Israeli employee (who could have had the spot buffed out for under $50) contacted Budget directly, and was turned away -- they said they would only deal with me, even though our employee was the second driver of the car in question. They rejected all of our entreaties that the "mark" was not a scratch, and even it was, it was no different than the untreated scratches already on the car. And even if it was an actual scratch, the charges were outrageous. Their response was that we should take it up with our insurance company. If we were to do that, it would be a fraudulent procedure, since the insurance company would be paying for unnecessary work at an unacceptable rate.

Budget at no time responded directly to our questions about the high rate, or about the presence of other previous scratches, or any other point we made. They simply said in essence "our invoice remains."

We believe that they have a scam running in which they charge foreign customers outrageous sums for unnecessary work, and they usually get away with it because of insurance payments. Their parent company, Budget, is allowing this to happen, without concern for its customers. We make freguent trips to Israel, but we certainly will never deal with them or Budget again.


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06e80b89, 2010-02-14, 10:01AM CST

I had a similar thing Just happened on my trip to Israel, with exactly the same routine, and today a month after the trip

I was charged $35.15 for a car full of scratches. maybe I was charged less because I am a Hebrew speaker and I called the scam on the spot.

I'll never rent from Budget again, what' the use even if they seem to be cheaper, you wind up pay up the nose in the end

Jan 2010

efa7b2ef, 2010-06-17, 12:46PM CDT

Beware of Budget/Domicar rentals in Israel-you may rent through Budget outside of Israel but then you are dealing with this independent licensee of Budget in Israel. They charged my credit card a lot of extra money-I needed someone in Israel to call them-found out that I gave in the car too early!! There was no written info on this nor was this told to me verbally. They are taking advantage of tourists-be careful.

4dcef206, 2010-09-14, 09:48AM CDT

Similar issue here with these people. Car rental from Budget, Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv, all paid up at the time, returned without any extra charges, and two months later they charge my credit card with no explanation or direct contact. I am disputing the credit card charge and will see what happens.

3ca20577, 2010-10-23, 03:26PM CDT

We just had the same incident with Budget Israel for the second time. The first time the young guy that tried to pull this scam (wanted to have me tip him for not charging us. My daughter just came back from Israel on 10/22/10 and had her credit card charged for $500.00 for some "scratches" she did not have.

d3499ada, 2011-06-30, 06:46AM CDT

The same has happened to me.

we rented a car in octobre 2010 and yesterday they charged me 2x us 15.

Now I need to cancel my visacard!

0ffe6978, 2011-07-06, 10:08AM CDT

I rented a car with budget domicar over 2 years ago and I received a $15 charge on my credit card this week. There is no explanation for why they've charged me. For most people I think these little charges fly under the radar but I'm worried about random charges in the future as well.

5091ae15, 2012-02-01, 01:56AM CST

Another similar story of mine - rented a car in the Budget T-A office half a year ago (!) and now they charged me for some 15 USD with no explanation. Though no damages was caused then, no accidents or violation of traffic rules. Seems these guys just easily charge foreign tourists any time they wish.

0785e0d8, 2012-09-06, 10:08AM CDT

+1 same thing. Got 22 USD three months later.

0fe96528, 2013-08-14, 09:20AM CDT

Same here random $15 charge.... called them and unless i have my contract from a year ago they cannot help me.... I JUST DISPUTED THE CHARGE AND FOUND ANOTHER ONE FROM TWO MONTHS AFTER THE RENTAL FOR $22 SO I SENT THAT FOR REVIEW TOO....

0fe51329, 2013-10-23, 04:24PM CDT

same thing for me

Israel in april and 6 months later 15,03 dollars

19681efc, 2014-04-08, 08:31AM CDT

happening to me right now. this is outrageous!

Budget Israel has charged me for something that I have NOT done.

After returning the car, we walked around the car and returned the car with NO damage reporting.

After a 2 week rental, I was notified that an 'oil pump' was damaged and that I paid for it!

There is no indication of how I was responsible for this, that it happened on my watch. As a matter of fact, it was signed off that there was NO issue when I handed it over.

Now they are refusing to speak with me.

This seems like a fraudulent way to offload maintenance costs ongoing.

11094722, 2014-04-23, 04:35AM CDT

hi all,

1748 NIS and 14 emails, phone calls later, I am starting legal proceedings against Domicar. If there is interest in joining into a broader (class action) you can write to [email protected]

2713aacd, 2014-05-15, 01:27AM CDT

12.03.14 through RENTALCARS.com I had reserved from Israel BUDGET DOMICAR Ltd car and paid it in the amount about $295. 16.03.14 I got the car, and 26.03.14 returned it with no any questions. Unfortunately 14.04.14 Domicar took off from my card $23,67, and 14.05.14 $18,84. I was surprised, but after reading your website about Domicar I had understand that is usual manner of its working. Never book Domicar!

caea2e42, 2014-09-25, 06:08PM CDT

Same here just found 20,72 USD taken from my account as well left the car back in June now in Sep I get this charge for I dont know what?

Karel, 2015-02-07, 06:09AM CST

The same happened to me. More than one year after I returned from Israel my Mastercard was charged 15USD. It looks like standard practice of Domicar.

8bdb0f5a, 2015-02-07, 05:30PM CST

Je suis moi aussi victime de Budget Domicar.on me retire tous les mois 15?.

Que faire pour se regrouper contre cette arnaque ?

Fra M., 2015-04-17, 02:46PM CDT

Same here. Also DOMICAR/BUDGET. Just taken 16,22 usd from my account. Car left spotless 08-03-15 in Ben Gurion. This is a total SCAM done to many Budget customers. Never again Budget. Complaint send.

4bc2751a, 2015-05-12, 03:33AM CDT

Same thing happened to me. They charged over 700 USD for very minor damage that I did not cause. No one checked the car with me on pick up, the desk person just showed me the damage card and all the many circles of damages already on the car and said go to the garage and pick up the vehicle. When I returned it the next day, the person checking for damages said there were new damages. I have tried contacting by phone and email their customer service. They have not contacted back for weeks. No one in the local offices can take care of the situation. I just get charged over 700 USD with no recourse or comment.

Fra M., 2015-05-13, 10:11AM CDT

Response from Budget: The BILLING is related to TOLL ROAD (M6) fees.

5f5336bb, 2015-06-03, 06:54AM CDT

Court date is coming vs. Domicar. Please share any other info you think relevant.

87f47217, 2015-06-11, 05:05AM CDT

Same for me,car left without one single issue, and acknowledge by the local dealer when check out. Then almost 2 months later my credit card was charged by USD 19.14, without any reason/justification/information.


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