yahoo - Yahoo sucks!

Posted on Thursday, August 7th, 2008 at 7:14am CDT by a9c551ba

Product: yahoo

Company: yahoo

Location: US


Category: Other

All of a sudden, my yahoo didn't work. I tried to reset the password, but you have to have another email to send the new one to. My alt email was an old job (an account I don't have anymore) so I emailed them asking what to do and was responded to with "yahoo's terms of service state that any account can be disabled at any time without any notice for any reason." What! I think it's because I emailed them asking what good the spam button was if it didn't block the email address I was saying was spam! Well, I have changed my homepage and will never use yahoo for anything again. I really don't understand. I'm just a regular person. Only had like 3 contacts in my email. Don't look at porn, hate sites, prescription drugs, illegal things, etc. Hmm.


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