Cornerstone Dentistry - Stranded away from home with a Black American Express Card

Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 at 9:11pm CDT by 6fa551b1

Product: Credit card

Company: Cornerstone Dentistry

Location: 74000 Country Club Drive #E-3 Palm Desert, CA 92260
Palm Desert, CA, 92260, US


Category: Other

Travelling to Boston- The Black card was denied at Starbucks called customer service, after going through 3 departments. They connected me to their credit department. They said we have to cancel all your Am Express accounts due to the fact that you are paying for services of another company tat you own with your Amex. I explained top them that this was done by our corporate accounting eventhouh I was made aware of these nonsense regulations and as soon as I return home, I can make sure that those charges are not made on the Amex. The lady was very harsh and insensitive and eventhough she knew I was travelling she said there is nothing she can do. I asked to speak to a supervisior and she said one can get back to us in 48 hours. I am travelling in Boston and my Wife is travelling in CA. Unfortuanltely this isthe only card she carries. I have been a Amex holder since 1986 and I have charged millions on my card with prompt payment every month. There is something defintly wrong with this picture. Please contact me and help me out if there is an Amex supervisor or top managment reading this.


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