Krista Eberle - Krista Eberle-TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 at 8:38pm CDT by acd202f7

Product: clothing

Company: Krista Eberle

Location: 2020 San Marco Blvd
Jacksonville, FL, 32207, US

Category: Other

A dress was purchased from Krista Eberle boutique in Jacksonville, FL. The dress had to be sent to me (I live in GA) because my size wasn't available. The dress was sent to me through the mail. I received the dress and tried in on only to find it didn't fit. I returned said dress and contacted the store to let them know the dress was being returned. That is when I was told I could only get store credit. This was posted on the ticket but I had specifically asked if I could return it because I lived in another state. There was no mention of me receiving store credit. I live 300 miles away. Several days later I received the dress in the mail boxed up in a United States postal box (no tissue/protection). I contacted the store and asked to speak with the owner. She didn't know what I was referring to and stated she would call me back. Two days later no return call. I called again and was told she would look into it. After receiving no phone contact I gave up contacting her via phone. I would think that if you had a buisness the least you could do was work through issues with your customers. She apparently doesn't feel that way. Since then I opened a dispute with American express (which is how I paid for the dress). I received a letter she sent American express stating I had damaged the dress beyond repair. All I asked for was my $310 back. She got the dress the first time and should have kept it and returned my money in good faith.


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