Chevron - Bad Gas Chevron West Palm Beach

Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 at 11:00am CDT by 18e6437e

Product: Chevron Gas

Company: Chevron

Location: 1755 North Congress Avenue
West Palm beach, FL, 33409, US

Category: Other

I purchased 21 gallons of premium fuel in a new bmw 750il. 3 miles down the road the car stalled out. Braman BMW said the fuel was Bad and gave me a sample. The entire tank was fouled with very bad gas. Repair bill at $1,632 and counting.

The station claims there is no problem and told me to call Chevron corporate.

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03d28fbb, 2008-08-09, 08:18AM CDT


Engine seized. Over $10,000 in repairs. The owner still refuses to pay or acknowledge responsibility.

Took photos of them extracting oil and water from premium tank.

State shut their pump down and they still will not acknowledge responsibility!

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