House of Wesley - Refund refusal

Posted on Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 at 5:20pm CDT by 5c1dc4f9

Product: Plant order

Company: House of Wesley

Location: 1704 Morrissey Drive Bloomington, IL 61704
Bloomington, Il, 61704, US


Category: Other

On May 3, 2008 I ordered merchandise costing $61.10 which included shipping and handling. I called 5/22 and was told the product "will ship this week". I called 6/16 was told "product shipped 5/27 and to wait 30 days, then call back". I called 6/27 to cancel the order since I did not receive it and have the amount refunded to my account. I called 7/6 and was told the product shipped on 5/27 and to "keep the shipping label". I STILL DID NOT RECEIVE THE PRODUCT. I called on 7/8 and spoke to Kevin #736 who said the full amount of $61.10 would be refunded. The amount refunded was minus the $9.49 shipping. I called 7/26 and was transferred to Judy who told me "she would give the information to mgmt". I called 7/29 and spoke to Ginny, another supervisor who informed me that it had been handled by Judy and that the $9.49 would be refunded. And then there were the emails....All because they say my address was INVALID. Today I receive a letter from House of Wesley saying that the "shipping charge would not be refunded due to an INVALID ADDRESS". If that's the case...HOW DID I GET THE LETTER? Incompetent management and terrible customer service. I need my refund as I am on a fixed income AND NEVER GOT THE PRODUCT. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR SHIPPING FOR SOMETHING I NEVER GOT!I have never been treated like this and have worked in Customer Service many years and would NEVER treat a customer in this manner.


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b6c87cd9, 2008-09-10, 06:07AM CDT

its quite interesting .. please tell me another story

23d9cab6, 2010-06-25, 11:30AM CDT

House of Wesley is a rip off company. Something needs to be done. I order about 14 plants from them in July 2009, when I received them about a month later they were all broken up and molded. They told me to send the label back for a replacement along with a note explaining why I was requesting a replacement,which I did. They then returned the label with a note saying I needed to mark which ones were damaged. Now I had already called them long distance twice and told them that all the plants were not any good also I sent the label with a note stating the plants were broken and molded. So I wrote them an idiot letter which anyone could understand. It is no June 25th 2010 and I still haven't received my replacement order and when I called they said they have no record of it, so I requested a refund. They said they would not give a refund because I did not send the plants back. I been doing this for a year. I AM WARING EVERYONE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

b2a52e36, 2011-06-23, 10:54AM CDT

I received 3 items that were DOA. I sent a letter along with cancelled checked and asked for replacement.

I received a form letter back stating that I had to send the shipping label. Who saves a shipping label?

I called and spoke to a call center. They said I specifically had to tell them the plants were dead and that I didn't have a shipping label.

It's funny the call center was able to look up my order in the computer that showed my address.

This company does business under the name of Plantron. This company is a scam run by shysters.

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