Plantation Resort - Don't buy a Timeshare!

Posted on Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 at 8:28am CDT by 875c2ff1

Company: Plantation Resort

Location: US

Category: Travel, Vacations

Please don't waist your hard earned money on a timeshare. It is a big money pit. We purchased points thru Plantation Resorts and haven't been back to the resort since. We have used our points at other resorts but only during off seasons because there is nothing ever available during holidays and in the summertime. We pay $700 maintanence fees every year and there is no way of getting out of it. If you have $700 to give away every year then you should have be able to add alitlle more money to in and just pay out of pocket to visit a resort because they are renting them all the time online. Don't lock yourself into a payment that never ends. It's not worth it.

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Eva C., 2013-05-07, 12:02PM CDT

I?ve heard so many horror stories about timeshares. They are just way too expensive for what you get. And I personally wouldn?t want to visit the same place enough times to have the cost match the value. It just doesn?t add up for me. I recommend you to read this article about timeshare scams and how to get out of one:

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