Elink Media - Elink Media Email Rip Off Scam

Posted on Monday, August 4th, 2008 at 11:12am CDT by f157ca93

Product: email marketing

Company: Elink Media

Location: 224 Datura Street Suite 800
West Palm Beach, FL, 33401, US

URL: http://www.elinkmedia.net/

Category: Other

In September of 2006 I set up a contract with Jeff Roach of Elink Media for a CPA email campaign. I sent them over $7,000 for a "deposit" that any remaining balance after the email campaign finished. when the campaign finished at the end of October, over $4,000 balance was left over. Mr. Roach convinced me to use some of that money for a CPM campaign in November that was a complete waste of money and over $3,000 balance was still left over. After Christmas break I called him about my refund check in January of 2007 and he acted surprised that I had not been sent one already. Another month passed by and still no check. This has obviously gone on way too long and I am definitely not getting any refund after numerous promises and being strung along all this time. Now I have been contacted by other sales people from ElinkMedia trying to sell me more advertising packages! So I have decided to complain in hopes of getting this resolved and getting my money back or at least warning others not to fall for this type of scam.


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