Crolwne Plaza Hotel Richmond, VA Canal St. - Noise, No A/C This is a luxury hotel????

Posted on Sunday, August 31st, 2008 at 8:36am CDT by 45c0cfb9

Product: Crowne Plaza Richmod, VA

Company: Crolwne Plaza Hotel Richmond, VA Canal St.

Location: 555 E Canal Street Richmond, VA 23219
Richmond, Vi, 23219, US

Category: Other

We are having a horrible experience at the Richmond Crowne Plaza. First, when we checked in, our room door was wide open (apparently to let smoke out of the non-smoking suite). Then we saw the room was 83 degrees and we had no remote control and the alarm clock didn't work. The front desk said to give it some time for the room to cool down.We finally got a working remote about 2 hours later.But the maid could not fix the clock. The room eventually cooled down to 73 degrees (coolest it would get) and we attempted to sleep around 1030pm. At 12:30 we were awaken by a loud and large group next door. We eventually called the front desk and they eventually sent someone up. The group did quiet down for a few minutes but by 2:30 am they were louder than ever. We called the vfront desk and they sent someone up again. Within minutes, the group was at it again and by 4:30 my wife, son and I could take no more. I called the front desk again and told them I was going to call the police. I also requested another room. Security did come up and threaten to evict our neoghbors but they said they weould not honor our request for another room until Sunday. We were also told our A/C was ok (which it is not). I am committed to sharing my bstory on every travel and customer service blog I can find. I travel up to 20 weeks a year asnd have never had such a miserable experience in a so-called "higher tier" hotel.

Gerorge R. Sunderland


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