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Posted on Sunday, August 31st, 2008 at 11:26am CDT by 2620fe7c

Company: Oronoco Estates (Continental Communities LLC)

Location: 3611 85th Street NW
Oronoco, MN, 55960, US

URL: http://www.continentalcommunities.com/

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My family and I reside in Oronoco Estates, which is a mobile home community in SE Minnesota. The mobile home park is operated by Continental Communities and is managed by a young couple. We pay a "lot rent fee" to maintain our mobile home on their land.

I recieved a phone call from the female manager on Thursday 8/25, asking to set up a meeting between my family and park management. I was informed that "my daughter was eyewitnessed damaging park property", apparently seen lighting playground equipment on fire on Monday 8/22/08(?!). I followed up with my family, and my daughter denied causing the damage...instead rebuttling that she witnessed two younger children in the vicinity of the "damaged" playground equipment. My daughter was near the playground/office for near 30 minutes on the night of the alleged damage, but was accompanied by my 5-year-old nephew while waiting for her ride (an adult resident of the park), many feet away from the playground.

In my attempts to follow up with the manager, I was informed that the county sheriff had already been called, and that my daughter's name was distributed to the city's district attorney's office for prosecution (this having happened before any communication with me, my wife, or my daughter regarding the "incident")! The female manager then set up a meeting with my wife and daughter the following day (8/26/08) to discuss this situation.

Beginning this meeting, the park manager was nothing short of accusatory and firm. She held true that my daughter caused this damage and would not hear otherwise. Midway through, the park manager became defensive and incredibly rude and argumentative, raising her voice and causing a scene. She included words like "delinquent" and "liar" when discussing my daughter, and mandating we would be responsible for remibursing over $700 in "damages". My wife, a normally passive and quiet woman, walked out of the meeting so as to not endure further verbal abuse. The manager got her parting shot in at the end, blurting "We'll definately see you back up here again soon", obviously referring to a future meeting with authorities or law officials.

This is not the first time my family has witnessed this type of behavior, as my mother and I have been within earshot in the past when this female manager has berated other park residents. We have made complaint telephone calls to the managers' supervisor at Continental Communities as well as sending e-mails regarding the managers' behaviors when dealing with residents.

My daughter maintains her innocence, and was somewhat traumatized by the manager's behavior and disrespect during this Friday meeting. My daughter maintains the playground damages were caused by another youngster (the child seen nearby with his cousin...this child and his cousin were apparently the manager's "witnesses" to the playground damage).

My family and I are now contemplating moving our mobile home to a different location based on Oronoco Estates management's lack of human resource skills. We have also previously requested minor corrections to our lot (removing an apple tree which is damaging the roof of my shed and mobile home, filling in a corner curb area which had sunk a foot under street level, and repairing a section of road in front of a vacant lot which has caused trip/fall accidents to young children), all of which has fallen upon deaf ears, as none of these items have been corrected.

We as a family now feel anxious and scared in the manager's presence (her office being in the same facility as our mailboxes), and we are exploring legal options to maintain our safety and privacy.

I highly recommend anyone reading this to seek alternative options and ignore Oronoco Estates mobile home community if relocating to the Rochester, MN area.

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c458eec9, 2008-10-13, 09:45AM CDT

What about your 5 year old Nephew?? Surely he knows what happened he is old enough to tell what he saw..if he acts as your Daughters witness then it becomes a case of he said/she said..and there is no way they can take ones word over another as long as both sides have a witness..my belief is the managers are afraid they'll be stuck with that $700 bill because the owner unless they find who did it will take it out of their pockets..so they picked a side..sadly it wasn't your Daughters side!! Get a lawyer and fight this..

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