Goodyear - A Complete Sham!

Posted on Sunday, August 3rd, 2008 at 12:33pm CDT by d255c138

Product: Brakes

Company: Goodyear

Location: 22923 Sandalfoot Plaza Drive
Boca Raton, Fl, 33428, US


Category: Other

Over a month ago, I took my car into their Coral Springs location. Evan, a tall, lanky fellow in your office promised that my car would be finished in one hour. My brakes were squeaking and normally I would take my car to Midas for brakes, since they are the brake experts.

Since it was Sunday, Midas was closed. Consequently, I waited an hour and my car was not even taken into their shop. After two hours, they finally looked at my car and Mike, one of their sales reps. came out and told me what was wrong with my car.

According to Mike, my rear brake pads were worn out and my routers needed to be replaced. Mike said my rotors could not be filed down and needed to be replaced. They told me it would be three hundred dollars to do this. This seemed awfully high but since my brakes were squeaking I did not want to take any chances.

After the work was done I was told that the price was about $345. This was due to tax and a shop supply fee. I said what is a shop supply fee since I had never heard of it before. Apparently, their company charges an 8% shop supply fee, which is similar to a dealer fee for cars.

There is no reason or justification for it other than the fact that they want to pad their profits, and figure it works better since customers normally compare price rather than junk fees. According to Evan there was no waving of this bogus fee that their company charges which is like an extra tax to the customer. Apparently, their company did fine without the shop supply fee as you have bought up nearly every Goodyear franchise in South Florida without it.

Nonetheless I paid the shop supply fee and checked out of their store. That day I noticed my brakes were still squeaking so I bought it into the Goodyear in Boca Raton on State Road 7. The manager Lou told me they would fix the squeaks as he said the rotors probably needed to be trimmed.

Unfortunately this did not do the trick, I came in three other times to the very same store, and my brakes were still squeaking. Finally, Mike the sales rep. that helped me at your Coral Springs location told me he would put OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or in this case Honda brakes pads and rotors on my car.

I setup an appointment to bring the car in on Monday, July 7th. I bought the car in as soon as their place opened. I do not know if Mike was hung-over or what happened because he was too tired to help me. A young Afro-American fellow helped me instead and told me my car would be ready in three hours.

After waiting three hours, I called up their store and they told me it would be done soon, and the driver would call to pick me up. Five hours went by and I called the sales manager at their store to ask where my ride was. He apologized and had one of the techs. come to pick me up. I did not get picked up until nearly 6PM, and that is after dropping my car off at 7:30AM for a ????????three hour job.????????

To add insult to injury, I still heard my brakes squeak. So I took my car to Midas which offers free brake inspections. The technician at Midas, Jonathan, showed me the brake pads and rotors. They were not Honda or OEM as promised. Truthfully, I am not sure if their store did anything as I waited around all day for them to fix my car for the fifth time.

At this point they have lied to me, and wasted an enormous amount of my time and money. Their fees are unconscionably high along with their absurd 8% shop supply fees. In fact, I remember the last time I was in their store and a fellow came in to replace a battery. Mike quoted him $170 to replace a battery, so he walked out laughing at the ridiculous price.

Nonetheless, I paid a lot of money and lost a lot of time on this. Five trips to fix brakes, and still have them squeaking is absurd. Their staff has proved to be untrustworthy and incompetent.

In short, their company has lied to me and wasted my time and money. After receiving my letter, Lou told me to come down to their store so he could hear my brakes.

According to Lou, the squeaking was coming from my front brakes not the rear ones the company replaced. I said to Lou if that were the case why did Gold Coast Goodyear replace my rear brakes if the squeaking is coming from the front? He had not answer to this.

I then took my car to Pompano Honda. Their service technician confirmed that it was my rear brakes squeaking and recommended that I go back to Gold Coast to get them fixed.

I went in there and true-to-form Lou told me he would have to get back to me about replacing the aftermarket parts that I was supposed to already have according to Mike at their store.

To make a long story short, I have not heard back from Lou, and after waiting ten minutes and running up my cellphone minutes for Lou to get on the phone I simply gave up. I even left a message with the owner's son, Josh, who did not have the courtesy to return my call. Without a doubt the worst auto repair place I have been to in my life!


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