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Posted on Thursday, August 28th, 2008 at 3:51pm CDT by 8daede87

Product: Loan for Toyota

Company: Toyota Financial Services

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, 15250, US


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I have a loan with TFS. This past month, I fell short on money and decided to call them to defer my payment to the end of my loan. I've done this once before and thought nothing of it. I spoke to a woman who told me what to do, I cancelled my on-line payments and closed out my account so there would be no mistake. This is what I was told to do. Payment was not pending and I was reassured there would be no issues. Of course, when I checked my bank account two days later, the money had come out leaving my account -$327. Awesome. I called them and so started the process of getting a refund check. Once again, I did everything I was told to do by the experts at TFS. A lot of the people were very helpful and very sorry for the error. I called back when I was told to and was told by another Customer service rep that it was "all good and the check is in the mail. You should get it by Friday" His words exactly. Of course, Friday came and went and I called back on Monday. Give it a day or two, right? Nope, I had to resend in my bank info, two more times. Finally, I'm going to get my money! I can buy food, gas and books for school. I'm not going on a shopping spree here. I have no food and driving on fumes. So, today, I'm expecting a check to be sitting at my door. Nothing. I called again. Apparently, this is the Iowa office and they have to send it to the East Coast office to be processed. I should get it by Monday, a holiday. So, Tuesday. Three weeks later after I was promised my money back last Friday. Now my account is overdrawn and I have the bank applying fees for the overdrafts. For my inconvence, they are sending me a check for $75. I thank Pat for doing that. She didn't have too. It was very nice of her to help me the way she did. Unfortunatly, $75 won't even touch the overdraft fees. Point is, if you have a problem with TFS, you'll never talk to the same person twice, some people are very helpful and really do go out of their way for you but it's the collective group that makes the difference. Because of one incompetent person, my simple to correct situation turned into a huge disaster. I can't wait to refinance with another company. Maybe one who actually keeps their promises. I worked in customer service for 12 years and I never made a promise without backing it up. How silly of me to trust the expert! I've never had a problem with TFS and I'm sad that I did now. I recommend any does the same. When you're as poor as I am and every cent counts, something like this makes life just so much worse. I really can't wait to buy food that isn't Raman! Thanks TFS for making my life crap for the past two weeks (now going into three) Why offer a service if it's so difficult to fix mistakes?


f5586b06, 2009-06-29, 05:14PM CDT

I've had this happen once, and that was when I provided THEM my bank information. They refused to refund my money, and I went through two weeks in a similar situation. After that, I closed the bank account and opened a new one with a different bank and setup online bill pay with my bank and provided the BANK the TFS information. If something comes up, I cancel the payment with my bank and notify Toyota. TFS ALWAYS wants my bank info to process payments. After that experience, no way no how are they getting my account and routing #'s.

Tasha M., 2013-02-04, 08:03PM CST

We had put $11,000.00 and we were going to buy our tundra at the end of the lease however my husband cut his fingers off and we had dissability which did cover us but due to the surgeon signing the medical paper saying billy could go back to work in July of 2008 we beleived him until we went back for the final check up and the surgeon said my husband's career was over he could no longer work in his trade as a steel worker, unfortunately he wouldn't sign a paper stating that he could no longer work unless we paid another $100.00 so we struggled to keep the truck as we fell behind and at the end of our lease we didn't realize we were still just one month behind so trying to come up with an extra $700.00 payment was a little difficult and the financial service rep in Halifax tried many times with many banks without our notification which ruined our credit we could have gotten the loan by ourself but it was too late they made our credit scores too low to borrow. So after paying $40,000 on our truck we were going to buy at the end of the lease was approx. $17,000.00. I am still so upset with toyota I feel I should post this on the internet as taking advantage of a young couple who's dream was crushed after their truck was taken away because of an accident. I see tundra's all the time and i am dissappointed because I love toyota vehicles and I miss our truck it is like someone took my bestfriend away we had a lot of pride in our vehicle and now that is gone. The reason it has taken us so long to respond with our problem was to get advice from lawyers and better business burrow and I am in the military and sometimes I am away on training with no time to worry about some things but now it has come to surface and bother me. I wonder if anyone else out there on the internet has had the same problem we had. I guess I will post my experience and see what happens.

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