1car1 - Over charging

Posted on Thursday, August 28th, 2008 at 3:41am CDT by cd7eeb92

Product: 1car1

Company: 1car1

Location: Cardiff, GB

URL: http://1car1.com/

Category: Other

I recently hired a car from 1car1 and was unfortunate enough to get a flat tyre. I rang the recovery number and was given the number for the AA and told it would cost me 84. The AA were fantastic but were surprised when i mentioned the charge - apparently they have an agreement which covers all new Vauxhall vehicles. When i got home the 84 had immediately been charged to my credit card so i rang the AA to check... again i was told there was no charge to me or the hire company. After many phone calls i have finally been told that i will receive a refund (takes 4days!).... but what about all the other customers who have been charged? - 1car1 did not seem interested in looking into this...


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