Honda Motors Company Europe North Gmbh - Fraud by Honda Motors Company Europe North GmBh

Posted on Thursday, August 28th, 2008 at 8:21am CDT by 7662a576

Product: HMC:67/21563

Company: Honda Motors Company Europe North Gmbh

Location: Address: Carl-Legien-Strasse 30 D-63073 Offenbach/Bieber-Walfdhdf, Germany Email: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Phone: +4470240-17062
Europe, Ge, DE

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Hai Sir/Madam i am Lokesh Babu Chennamchetty staying at Marathahalli Bangalore.recently i got one job openings in Honda Motor Company Europe North Gmbh(Germany).that company had send me the Offer Letter,Contract Letter and Visa processing agents details.for that they told me send 1100Euros for visa processing.They told their Indian Representative will collect the money from you after completion of visa form filling.I got call from Mr.James his number is+919967162495.he given me the ICICI to deposit the money for Visa Processing.I deposited total money of Rs.69300/- in two deposits dated on 25-08-2008 and 26-082008.he told me that you will get the visa with in three working days of the payment he is telling to pay me another 2lakhs for the deposit.i dont know what to do.i borrowed the money from my father and paid that amount to he is telling that you will get visa only after depositing the 2lakhs.other wise this Rs.69300/-also cant get.please sir kindly take necessary actions and please collect money from him.please consider my complaint i am attaching the payment slips i made This man called James Bill called me from +91-9967162495

And told me to deposit 1100 Euros in ICICI bank name-Binoy Bijay Sarkar, A/C.015101516077


Please tell me how to get rid of it and make sure nobody else fall in their trap

Along with the mail are the emails and attachment I received from them do have a look


Direct Communications Unit

GTA Reisen GmbH Ostbahnhofstrasse 13

60314 Frankfurt Am Main GERMANY

Tel: +44-70-31940029

Fax: +49-69-13142828

Email:[email protected]

[email protected]

Contact Person: Mr. Johnson George


Attention:C.Lokesh Babu

Sequel to my explanation on phone with you which you were unable to comprehend clearly,you will have to pay 3,104 Euros which is 2.lakh India rupees.This payment is a cash deposit form of payment for which the GERMAN CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL has passed a new draft bill in the house of Parliament in GERMANY.

The reason is because most immigrant went to Germany with working visa through some illegal agents,and they don't really have job offer.So they become liability to the GERMAN govt.and they constitute nuisance alot in the community.

For example, the bombing that took place by an Indian Dr MHD SABEEL cousin to DR MHD HANEEF.

So,because of all this things,the house of Parliament has issued this new draft bill.Know that soon as you deposit this money and your visa is ready,

You will get your reimbursement of 2,000 rupees which you deposited cash from Our Representative immediately and sign a paper stating that your cash money has been refunded to you.Kindly make your payment soon for me to process your papers on time.

you can see that its not easy these days.Kindly consider this and make your payment on time to enable us process your documents so that you can join your company on time.

N/B to contact Mr James Bell For payment Immediately

Good Luck

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Honda Motors Company Europe (North) GmbH

Address: Carl-Legien-Strasse 30

D-63073 Offenbach/Bieber-Walfdhdf, Germany

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Phone: +4470240-17062

Attention: C.Lokesh Babu Top of the day

Base on the mail you sent the content was well noted and we are assuring you that gullivers travel agency will provide your visa and work permit,if only you will provide the necessary document they ask you to send.

Congratulations Once Again !!!


Mr. Alex Kalu Agba

Head of Employee Relations

Honda Motors Company Europe (North) GmbH

this was the mail i got and asked me to pay 1100Euros pls kindly get rid of this problem and make my get back from them


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6916c3cd, 2008-09-04, 07:05AM CDT

i have also same experience. I have recd my agreement letter & contract letter & asked to sign off the same & make payment of Euro 1100. But when i checked with their local office they have clearly said its fake. Dont pay any money to them. God saved me.

824f39bd, 2008-09-05, 12:55AM CDT

I am Suresh ,

I have also recd same contacract except, Post is Production ENGINEER,

They have asked me to fill the agreement & sign & send the scanned copy, without any interview they hae finlized to me by giving salay Euro 1200 per month which is highest salary & practically it is not economical for the company to hire the professional at very high salary for this position.

They are asking by mail to contact GULLIVERS TRAVEL ASSOCIATES GMBH , which seems reputed firm from website but no guarrenty that it is not frud website.

My Advice to the Mr. Lokesh that he is not supposed to pay Rs 2 lacs additionally otherwiswise it may be loss to him. Now to get the Rs 69000 , coordinate with Honda motors on the phone no given & make sure that they have asked to contat GULLIVERS TRAVEL ASSOCIATES GMBH which is reality or not ?

c4061870, 2008-09-08, 02:59AM CDT

hi lokesh babu

i read all ur details. i have also received the same on 25/8/08 . but i'm careful. pls if u co-operate we can catch that indian agent.

905b1660, 2008-09-09, 11:34AM CDT

Hi There,

Mr.Lokesh complaints seem to be valid one. Even I got the same kind of E-mail from the same source. I am very thank full to him for sharing his problem. It would really help others to get alert.

Thanks Lokesh

1ce2e7d4, 2008-09-09, 10:37PM CDT


Even i have got the same mail from same source i am Ashok staying in Bangalore but i havn't believed it

0ef2b9c5, 2008-09-14, 05:39PM CDT


even i have received this offer. As far as i am concerned, this whole thing is fake as the offer is too good to be true. But still keeping the brand name in mind i will carry on the interaction as long as they dont ask for any money. Thats the safe way to handle such a situation i suppose. Hard luck for those who are in this trap. But do not give up the fight.

364710e8, 2008-09-23, 01:41AM CDT

Dear friends,

I also got same mail from same source.I can't belive that without any interview how can they recruite us in such a big Brand?

I was little confused...My cousin told me that these things are simply fake...

Don't reply to such emails..Atleast don't send money to any of the representative.

Today I take decision not to contact further regarding this offer.

My humble request to all of you that suggest others regarding this matter.

Thanks to all of you for providing such valuable information..

4a7a2966, 2008-09-29, 11:25AM CDT

Thanks Lokesh after reading your mail have come to now they are Fraud.

I like to advice every one dono't belive when you receive such kind of mails.

d57739c4, 2008-09-30, 03:45PM CDT


My name is Suguna and even I have got this kind of mail from the same company, the difference being that the Head of Employee Relations in my case is a Mr. Watton Ben.

I received this mail in response to my mail in answer to their offering the job in Germany.

Dear Applicant,

On behalf of the Honda Motors Company Europe(North)GmbH, we acknowledge receipt of your cv /resume for the above position.and we hereby give you the notice that your cv/resume has been forwarded to the screening department for screening and ones you are qualify for the job your appointment and contract letter will sent to you immediately and their will be a face to face Interview once you arrive here in Germany It is envisaged that further advice will follow and

this screening will take at least 1 or 2 days.

Best Regards

Mr.Watton Ben

Head of Employee Relations



7dff2ec9, 2008-09-30, 03:58PM CDT

Hi Lokesh,

Thank you for bringing this to the notice of all other hapless victims of this fraud chain. Even i got a mail from these guys saying the salary would be 12000 euros a month with free house, car, laptop etc. They have even told me that they would send me the first month's salary in advance and no expenses would be bourne by me for the visa etc. Let me see what thier next step is going to be.

I called the numbers they mentioned on their mails : +447024020026 and 44-7024042783, but it was a bogus number.

So please be careful before you make any sort of payment to these guys - however small your payment might be!

They have also sent me the offer letter, contract letter, and a work permit, asking me to fill all that up and send it back to them for speedy action. And I have also been asked to join work on October 25th, 2008. And the deadline for sending back the signed contract is 9th October, 2008.

I hope all this information would warn other innocent people falling a prey to this very crafty internet criminals.

Prabhu Rai

be69212b, 2008-10-15, 07:15AM CDT





Dear Applicant,

On behalf of the Honda Motors Company Europe(North)GmbH, we acknowledge receipt of your cv /resume for the above position.and we hereby give you the notice that your cv/resume has been forwarded to the screening department for screening and ones you are qualify for the job your appointment and contract letter will sent to you immediately and their will be a face to face Interview once you arrive here in Germany It is envisaged that further advice will follow and

this screening will take at least 1 or 2 days.

Best Regards

Mr.Watton Ben

Head of Employee Relations



3e88dc0c, 2008-11-12, 03:57AM CST

HI Lokesh

Thanks for the information, even i got the offer from Honda Motors, the offer was really greate but was fake.. dont belive on such mails.

91c55139, 2008-11-15, 01:56PM CST

Dear sir,

i am B.Gopinath from india.i have received one mail from honda motor company(north)Gmbh.they have sent also contract and appointment could possible with out interview?is it truly?

f91ba3b5, 2008-11-19, 02:30AM CST

yes even i have received the mail. but the crooks have now changed the Company to LG Electronics, UK . I will also interact with them and try to put the crooks in fix...

b41fe0f6, 2008-11-26, 02:11AM CST

Time is very bad for unemployed.People get benifits from us so please dont trust this kind of fake news and fake people.

All the best in ur rest life.bcz this teach us in our half pass life.

ea9b01b7, 2008-11-26, 05:38AM CST

I have also got same offer. but thanks to my friend who has sent me this blog.

e29a41c3, 2008-12-01, 10:52AM CST


i would like add some informations about the same on this regard, bcoz i have also got the same mail as said by Mr. Lokesh but please guys/gals be clear on your views and we are educated. How come you people are spending this much money? without any interview how you people are prepared for this sought of actions i wonder.Once i got such mail i collected all the details about this and finally landed to this site and read few complaints Mr. Lokesh you have done a great job and really saved many people spending money on this sought of actions.Please guys/gals dont spend a single penny for your job even in any case.

2f927c9f, 2008-12-19, 02:34AM CST


Thanks for this mail...even i got this mail today and i was looking forward to do something positive...thanks buddy.I wish very soon you receive your money back

2033931b, 2009-01-21, 03:09AM CST

Hi Lokesh,

Thanx for the info.. You really saved my time...becoz as such I was not going to pay any single penny if they wud have asked for...So just time saved...

Hi Prabhu,

Did u join on 25th Oct '08.If so please update so that others can also look forward for it.

Reply back at my email Id: [email protected]

4ffa2dba, 2009-01-23, 08:30AM CST

Thanks a Lot Mr. Lokesh

Even i also got same mail.I was ready to do the payment.

900518cc, 2009-11-12, 12:23PM CST

The fraudster has changed from HONDA Motors to MAZDA motors. Be careful of such emails. The bogus number (+44)-70-2402-0026 is the link in between. The content of the mail received by me is as follows:

Dear Candidate,

Hope this mail reaches you in high spirits and good health. After seeing your profile on we would like to discuss a job opportunity for you in our company. If interested, send your resume/Cv you may call on (+44)-70-2402-0026 or email us at ([email protected])

for further discussions. Looking forward to your early response. Best wishes

Details of the sender:-

The sender systems02 of this email is registered with as SKS Systems ( [email protected], Dhiraj Heritage,5th floor,santacruz(W),mum-54 )

All, be careful.

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