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Posted on Monday, August 25th, 2008 at 10:38am CDT by a051a7fc

Product: Nikon D80 Special Package


Location: PO Box 300425
Brooklyn, NY, 11230, US


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I ordered a camera package online on 8/9/08 and received a call to confirm my order. During the call, I was asked whether I want to purchase an extra battery because the original one will only last 15 minutes. This extra battery will costs $200. I asked if I feel like I don't need the extra battery later, if I can return the extra battery and I was told yes. I was then sent a revised invoice which indicated that the package is now with a "longlife battery" and asked to consent to this added purchase of the battery. I saw that the revised invoice reflected this battery so I consented.

After receiving the shipment, I've decided that I do not need the extra battery and called to return the battery. The "highest manager" claimed that the battery was part of an "upgrade" and that it was "free" with the "special package" so I could not return it. I told him that this wasn't what I was told and he said because I signed the revised invoice, he didn't care what I was told.

I asked to speak to someone in charge and he told me he was in charge and I could either return the entire package, with a 15% restocking fee, or keep the batteries. I asked him to investigate this internally because I was told something entirely different and he once again told me he didn't feel the need to because the invoice says it's for a "longlife battery".

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c8180f9b, 2009-01-24, 01:59PM CST

I Had almost exactly the same scam.

Place an order for an expensive Cannon digital camera package on 1-17-09 on line from I received a message from "Sam" at extension 2051 on 1-20-09, asking me to call back and verify the order.

I returned the call the same day at which time Sam told me the Cannon camera I had ordered came only with a 15minute battery and that for $300 he would throw in a 5 Hour battery. At first I said no thanks, I'll get a battery elsewhere. Sam then tries to sell me warranty programs, again I said no thank you.

Then he said that for $199 he would throw in the longer life battery and make sure I got the real Cannon lenses in the package versus the "Plastic Vivitar" lenses. I said I thought I was getting the Cannon lenses anyway, he said no that they were going to be the Vivatar. So I agreed to the $199.00 extra charge in which I had to sign on line a guarantee of payment.

Upon receipt of the camera the battery model provided was the only one listed in the camera user manual and is the standard battery. The lenses were Cannon and were the exact ones listed in the original package bundle, focal lengths and lens product descriptions where identical.

I wish I had read the rip off blogs about before I ordered. Sam and this phone scam has been pulled on a lot of people evidently.

I am interested in joining a class action suit, it appears there are plenty of you out there who would like to shut down these scum bag rip off artists.

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