Aqua Rec's Swimmin Hole and Fireplace Shop - AQUA REC VERY BAD SERVICE EXPERIENCE

Posted on Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 at 2:15pm CDT by 35bb05d9


Company: Aqua Rec's Swimmin Hole and Fireplace Shop

Location: 1407 Puyallup Ave
Tacoma, WA, 98421, US


Category: Other

Aqua Rec's service is deplorable for the following reasons:

When the company installed the new pump a little over a month ago, two things were not adequate about the installation: the pump was leaking, and

water was not properly flowing through the brominator. When I called to ask that someone fix these problems, I was told by Justin, the service manager,

that he believed his tech knew what he was doing, and that I was mistaken about the leaking.

Regarding the second issue of brominator water flow, Justin told me that it's possible that the line had not been bled after the pump was installed. He

indicated that bleeding that line was not the technician's job, and he actually suggested that I should do that myself. At that point I nearly canceled the

pending agreement; however, Aqua Rec did eventually attend to both the water leak and bleeding the line.

I must again emphasize here that these return visits were only performed after a good deal of effort on my part and conversations with the tech and with

Justin. Not a good experience.

On August 12, 2008, Aqua Rec technician, Sam, performed service--only the second week of a planned one-year contract. I phoned Sam before his

visit, and requested that the cartridge filter be cleaned as part of this week's maintenance.

I was not at the property when Sam did the work. When I came home, around 6:30 PM, I went into the pump room to check the temperature. I noticed

water all over the floor in the pump room. Although there is typically some water in that area after the pool has been serviced, the amount of wet area

seemed a bit more than usual. Since the pump was running and there didn't appear to be any leaks, I assumed all was well.

Around 7:00 PM that same evening I attempted to switch water flow from the pool to use the jacuzzi. This is an activity I had performed at least 100

times before. I rotated the suction valve to draw from the hot tub. Then, I turned the thrust valve to the hot tub position. Within seconds of making that

adjustment, there was an explosion. The top of the cartridge filter blew off, and water was spraying everywhere in the pump room. I turned off the pump

and shut down the system.

I immediately called Sam at Aqua Rec and indicated that this situation was unacceptable. I asked him to come immediately to rectify the situation. Sam

'chuckled' that he was with his family and he would see me 'tomorrow'. While I was in the process of asking same if there was an emergency number for

Caleb, he hung up on me.

I phoned Caleb, and Caleb indicated that you felt his technician had done nothing wrong. Caleb took this position even though he had no knowledge of

my pool operation--he implied that I had somehow caused the problem.(Much like the issue on the pump installation and my interaction with Justin.) He

quizzed me on my knowledge of the pool operation, and indicated he thought maybe I should be able to put the filter back together myself. This was

particularly offensive.

He then indicated that someone would come by the next day. Although he didn't want to commit to a time, I pressed, and he stated that it would be

some time before noon.

The next morning I told Caleb not to bother sending a technician, because there was no definite time for his arrival, and I had lost any confidence in his

ability. I stated that I wanted my key back and that I intended to cancel the contract.

Shortly after I spoke with him, around 7:00 am, I noticed a shadow cross my front window. When I opened the door, Sam was walking away. He coldly

indicated that he'd left a note on my door. I took the note, which had the key affixed to it, and went inside. The note read, "Your pool is fixed. Sorry for

the inconvenience." I went back outside, and Sam returned back to speak with me. He indicated that he had caused the problem with the filter. He

stated that he is good at his job, but he had performed a 'rooky move'. He clearly stated that I did nothing wrong with the valves. Of course, I already

knew this.

As a result of the cavalier approach Aqua Rec took to this situation, combined with the interactions I had regarding the pump installation, I cannot do

business with Aqua Rec.

Consumer's Desired Resolution:

I want them to credit all charges for service to date. They have charged my credit card $340 for this mess. That is criminal.


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