AAA Mover's Inc - Unethical Business Practices

Posted on Friday, August 22nd, 2008 at 10:22pm CDT by 72146571

Product: Moving Company

Company: AAA Mover's Inc

Location: 185 6th Ave
Paterson, NJ, 07524, US

Category: Other

Moving home contents from a condo to a house in the same town, roughly 1.5 miles away. AAA Mover's gave me an estimate over the phone. I read off EVERY single item that would be moved PLUS I said I about 20 boxes would need to be moved. I was given an est. of 3 hrs for the WHOLE process at $70/hour (them using 3 men) for a TOTAL est. of $210. I SPECIFICALLY asked Lana (Office Mgr) "If the guys finish in 3 hours what will be the total amount I will pay?" She said $210. I made sure I asked that because I found the price to be cheap. Did get other quotes from other moving companies and the prices ranged from $75/hour-$90/hour. AAA Movers gave the best hourly rate so I went with them. I specifically told her I would be moving "from a condo on the 3rd floor to a house with 1 1/2 or 2 flights of stairs." She said that was OK and there would be no extra charge." They charged me $600 for 4 flights of stairs. I SPECIFICALLY asked her about a 1 hr travel time charge because this seemed to be the norm with other freight companies I spoke to. Lana said there would NOT be a travel time charge. They charged me $70 travel time. Right before they were about to start moving the foreman asked me to sign some papers. Shame on me for not reading them more carefully as he breezed through them. One of them was a price list for materials that "might be needed" which I did sign. After they loaded the truck & we all got to my house the foreman showed me the bill which was $2,234.16. I was charged for 5 total working hours (plus the 1 hour travel time charge) when she est. 3 hours (and they didn't have to move the 20 boxes which was included in the est.) As far as the "other supplies needed", I don't know anything about moving couches, chairs, etc. Shouldn't they have ASKED me if I wanted them to use those supplies instead of ASSUMING I did. Shouldn't they have said something like your cost is going to go up quite a bit because of the materials needed? They charged $172 for wrapping pads around the furniture & $126 to tape the pads around the furniture. Does moving a wooden chairs really require a pad & to wrap it 15 times around with tape? They charged $250 for two "large cartons".

I did not want to pay but they said my stuff would be moved to their storage area if I didn't pay & sign the paperwork. Also, I found it strange that when they got to my house the other two men sat in the front seat of the truck while the foreman showed me the bill. Why didn't they get out of the truck to start unloading it? I think it's because they knew there might be a complaint from me about the total of the bill. Once he charged my credit card then he told the two guys "the truck is ok to unload". They left one TV in a box and heavily taped, did not put shelves back into cabinets & one of our bedroom dresses had some slight damage. Their language was unprofessional in front of my wife. Also, the charges on the bill add up to $1,863 (without tax), not the $2,088.00 that they listed & was paid. I didn't realize this until after they left. The foreman had a calculator, I did not. They may not have done anything illegal because some of these charges were in the fine print of their email even though over the phone they said otherwise but in my opinion, this is not ethical business practice. I reported this to the Better Business Bureau and they responded back that they've had 63 complaints in the last 36 months regarding AAA Mover's Inc How do you give someone a quote of $210.00 (both verbally and by email) and charge them $2,234.16?


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