Lighthouse Bay/Mayo Group - Lighthouse Bay Apartments

Posted on Friday, August 22nd, 2008 at 6:46am CDT by 7d83f3b2

Company: Lighthouse Bay/Mayo Group

Location: 8090 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, Fl, 32211, US

Category: Other

I was trying to be nice to these people here, but that's not working. We pay our rent of $575.00 on time every month, but for what? My fiance and I have been complaining about problems with our apartment since we've been here. We have told them that our refrigerator is leaking, our bathtub is leaking, and our roof is leaking. My main concern is the tub and the roof. Now that we have been having these storms, it is even worse than what it was before. We have a bucket catching water in our living room and a large water spot over our light fixture in the dining room and our air vent in the dining room. We also have water spots in our bedroom. I'm afraid that our roof may cave in. They know about these problems, and they have not come to fix them. They said they fixed our refrigerator, but it is still leaking. I've had to throw away food because it was soaking wet. Our roof has began to leak in at least two new places. They expect us to pay them every month, but we can't get anything fixed here and it's not fair.


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