DirecTV - Halsted Communications Lies

Posted on Friday, August 22nd, 2008 at 3:46pm CDT by ed6013ef

Product: DirecTV Install

Company: DirecTV

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A Halsted Communications technician came to my new house over a month ago to hook up Direct TV (transferring my account from my old house). He couldn't find a signal and said he'd send a supervisor to do a better job. I never heard back from them.

Several weeks later, I called Direct TV and scheduled Halsted to come out again. The guy finally came today. It was supposed to be between 8am and noon. He got there at 1:00pm. By that time I had given up on him and had run out to do an errand.

Their customer service department called me to tell me he was there, just a few minutes after I'd left. I told them that since he was late he'd have to wait there for about 20 minutes until I got back. He didn't.

Here's where the lies begin:

The rep that spoke with me said they had called me and told me they were changing the time from 8-12 to 12-3. That's a lie. They later told Direct TV that they tried to call and got a busy signal. The number they called is a cell phone which is never busy. So that's another lie.

The technician reported that no one was home. That's a lie. There were seven people there, working on my house. He said there was no TV. That's another lie. If he'd bothered to get out of his vehicle and approach the house, he'd have noticed there is indeed a TV, it's hooked up to cable, it was on, the front door was open, and if he had stood on the porch he could have seen and heard the TV.

The tech said he put a tag on the door. 1. There was no tag, 2. See previous paragraph, 3. The seven other people there at the house all said he NEVER EVEN BOTHERED TO GET OUT OF HIS VEHICLE. LIE LIE LIE!

After I complained about all of this, the tech changed his story to say that he wouldn't go in because the house was under construction. I'm putting on new siding and renovating some bathrooms. I don't know what that would have to do with hooking up my TV. More lies.

The customer service rep at Halsted was very short and curt with me. When I tried to explain to him what happened, he spoke over me, telling me the lies that his tech told him. When I tried to interject to tell him the truth, he just spoke louder and more forcefully at me. By this point, I was so frustrated, I told him he was annoying me and I hung up.

I later called Direct TV and spoke with a nice customer service woman. She tried speaking with the Halsted people and ran into the same rudeness. She escalated my call to another nice person at Direct TV. He tried calling Halsted to get a definition of "under construction" and they hung up on him.

We scheduled a third visit (fourth if you count the supervisor that the first guy said he'd send but didn't) for next month. If all goes well (I'm not counting on it) I'll have my new service nearly two months after first requested.

Direct TV's website says, "Pack up your receivers and remote and take them with you to your new home. That's it. We do the rest." I wish it were really that easy.


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