Paul E. Zuegg - Christmas Card Purchase

Posted on Friday, August 22nd, 2008 at 2:28pm CDT by 95b02123

Product: Christmas Cards

Company: Paul E. Zuegg

Location: 123 Minerva Road
Daytona Beach, Fl, 32118, US

Category: Other

Back on July 22, 2008, I submitted an order for three Separate Christmas Cards and enclosed my check for the full amount.I had indicated in my order that my name and my wifes name were to be printed on all three card sets. About a week later I had a call from one of your Representatives who asked me if I wanted our names printed on all cards. I told her that this was correct and she said fine and we should be getting our order in about 7-10 days. When we got the order, only one (1) set of cards had our name imprinted on them and upon further examination of this order, I found a repeat of the ones without our name on them. Then on further examination, one set that I ordered came without imprint. The third set I ordered I never received.

Upon this discovery, I called on August 5th and talked to A Rep named Heather, who took down the info I supplied her and she said that it would be corrected and I should have my correct order in 7-10 working days. Well guess what? As of today (8/22/08) I still don't have my cards. I called again today and was informed that my order was placed on hold as Heather never sent in my request to correct this situation. The lady I talked to today, assured me she would get the job done.

This is my first order with your company and the question I have is why can't your employees get the order right the first time?? I thought of doing additional business with your company, but after this fiasco, It is doubtful I will.

I submitted my order with a check paid in full and I expected to get good results. To say the least, I am very disappointed. Paul E. Zuegg


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