Yellow Cab - Yellow Cab Driver #683 Verbally Assaults Patron

Posted on Thursday, August 21st, 2008 at 4:49pm CDT by 8db9b1fb

Product: Houston Yellow Cab #683

Company: Yellow Cab

Location: HOUSTON, TX, 77042, US

Category: Public Transportation, Taxi

I called Yellow Cab Thursday August 21, 2008 at 322pm for a ride. After entering the cab I noticed the driver key $1.00 extra charge. He was on his cell phone while driving so I waited until he ended his call before asking him what the $1.00 extra charge is for. He said it is a surcharge for gas. On the window it said there is a surcharge for rides 8pm to 6am but there was no notice of a gas surcharge. I called yellow cab and they simply put me on hold. I gave the driver a $20.00 bill and before receiving my change the cab driver screams "get the hell out of my cab now". Shocked and still waiting for my change I told the driver that "I dont know who you think you are talking to but thats not how to talk to people." The cab driver says, "I dont care I am self employed." A simple inquiry about a charge that I am paying resulted in this verbal assault. My suggestion to Yellow Cab is that if you don't want customers inquiring about charges they pay have the charges posted inside the cab. Furhtermore, don't hire and terminate drivers who demonstrate lack self control and respect for paying customers who ask simple questions about services they are paying for. You can start with the termination of Yellow Cab driver of 683 who in his own words "doesn't care".


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