- Gives Terrible Customer Service and Bilks Hardworking Hairstylist!

Posted on Thursday, August 21st, 2008 at 10:17am CDT by 7c525b36


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I recently purchased three 500 gift cards from Sears to give to my mother so that she could begin remodeling her kitchen. This is something my mother has been excited to do for YEARS but has not had the money to do so. I should have known when the website wasn't working and had to have the agents put it thru for me, it took three tries for them!

I saved diligently for a year until I had 1,500 dollars to give her. In the past Sears has maintained an excellent reputation - however, things are not what they used to be. If the store is still worthwhile, I don't know, but avoid the website at all costs!!!!

1. I ordered the 3 $500 gift cards and waited 2 weeks for it them arrive. They didn't.

2. I called Sears to inquire about this. The said that it's 'normal' business procedure for a gift certificate to take over a month to arrive!?

3. One card arrives, three weeks later the others haven't. Though they claim its a normal amount of time for "processing," I decide to cancel it and have them credit my account. They tell me it will take 3-5 biz days.

4. A week after my account is supposed to be credited, there is no credit applied.

5. I call back and they first have no record that they were to be giving me money back, then say that they needed time to research their error and I should expect a credit in 2-3 biz days. You can imagine how much faith I have in that at this point!

6. I am still waiting!

Final Result: My mom now has the cards, 2 months later, but cant use them because the money is pending my account (I hope!!!) and I have spent untold hours talking to people who don't seem to find this unusual or care too much either way.


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