burger king - Rude Obnoxious Wait Staff-Filthy Restaurant

Posted on Thursday, August 21st, 2008 at 5:16am CDT by 594601c6

Product: fast food

Company: burger king

Location: Magnolia St. and Park Ave.
Tallahassee, FL, 32308, US

Category: Other

Curtis2-Burger King Fast Food Store # 05641 Tallahassee FL-Goldco Company

I went to this particular fast food restaurant location for the first and the last time in my life at 2:15 p.m., on Wednesday, 082008. Immediately while I was waiting to reach the front of the line, the cashier announced to the full restaurant, upon a customer's report of the trash containers being full, "I don't do trash---someone better come take care of the trash." (Great-we have a BK prima donna.) Why didn't I turn around RIGHT then and leave? I ordered a #4 Jr. Whopper meal. I sat down with an acquaintance who also ordered a meal and the same guy came over by our table and began to sweep the floor right beside my table. I very nicely asked him to not sweep while we were eating. He told me he knew how to sweep and for me not to worry. I was rather astonished and again said, please, do not sweep around me - go to another area of the restaurant (the entire restaurant was filthy as if there had been food and container fights-the floors-the tables [yes, I know-I know---WHY didn't I just turn around and leave???] This employee again told me he knew what he was doing and for me to just go ahead and eat and not worry about him. But he sort of moved away. Seconds later, here he comes around to the other side of me and begins to sweep again. At that point I rather sharply said, "Please, I asked you twice not to sweep around me while my food is open on the table and I am trying to eat. I am not questioning your ability to sweep. I do NOT want dust in my food---stop now." This guy started in on me once again about his ability to sweep and I sharply told him to stop. He copped a major attitude and started asking the other clientele whether they could eat? Was dust in their food? Did they hear me complain? This was one of the rudest employees I had personally seen in a while. And this is the caliber of wait staff in Burger King in Tallahassee FL. Well, I called the number on the receipt 866-425-4745--a BK customer survey line. Brother, I do not know who sold BK this bill of goods but if they really think customers would routinely go through this archaic set of prompts/responses---for a free hamburger??? Another waste.

Did I mention the Jr. Whopper was old and cold and had a wilted dried out old steamed bun? OBVIOUSLY not the fresh advertisement that BK markets. Did I take it back to that helpful wait staff? No, in the garbage.

I will not return to that establishment. Ever. I work hard for my money and see no reason to care whether BK is successful with such poor help.


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