Florida Outboard Motors & Engines - Island Hopper Small Outboard Engine

Posted on Thursday, August 21st, 2008 at 3:01pm CDT by 293bf598

Product: 2 Stroke Air Cooled Trolling , 1.2 HP

Company: Florida Outboard Motors & Engines

Location: 330-13th. Ave. South

URL: http://www.ioutboardmotors.com/

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Steel screws along motor shaft rusted within days after the motor was mounted on the boat. When I called Florida Outboard Motors to obtain rust resistant replacement screws I was told that they were not responsible and that I would have to purchase 5mm.stainless screws from Home Depot. This is nonsense because every other outboard I have ever seen or used is equipped rust resitant screws and fittings in exposed locations.


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4f0ea61c, 2010-07-08, 04:41PM CDT

recent extreme difficulty communicating w/ florida outboards customer servive staff. was hung up on 3 times. tech couldn't seem to understand simple statements, kept asking for same info over and over - made little attempt toward customer satisfaction. from my experience i would not recommend this company to anyone.

7560657c, 2010-07-13, 12:22AM CDT

mine came with stainless screws,good reliable outboard no issues, no rust.

24e79b09, 2010-08-31, 03:16PM CDT

Well, I hope this is the least of your complaints. These engines are crap based on my experience. Total power head failure after 5 hours of operating time. Had to send the engine back to St. Pete FL as there are no other authorized dealers in the US. I was told engine was run without lubrication. Fuel/oil mixture was used in accordance with the poorly written instruction manual. Don't wast your money! If you need an outboard, get a real marine outboard and not a weed eater with a prop.

ef1ba4cd, 2011-04-11, 08:40PM CDT

Was this unit used in fresh or salt water ?

Sam D., 2013-07-05, 12:59PM CDT

Ref:24e79b09, 2010-08-31, 03:16PM CDT

Sorry about your engine failure, every effort was made to assist you, however, you were reluctant to provide us with much information about type of oil and quantity used.

We can only base our information on the engine's cylinder, rings, piston and residual oil on the exhaust.

You were informed that either synthetic oil was used or lack of proper amount of oil mix.

Tail tail signs of a well lubricated small engine are found by the exhaust, whereby, you'll notice an abundant amount of unburnt oil. However, your engine exhaust was just plain dry, no oil whatsoever, cylinder scorched, rings dug into the cylinder wall and we could not rotate the engine as it was completely bound.

We offered to fix it for for $75.00 and replace most of the damaged engine in good faith, however, you hung up on us.

Unfortunately, you chose a different path. Any outboard engine needs oil and proper maintenance to run regardless of it being an air cooled motor or water cooled conventional engine.

Our manual states clearly, 5oz to 1 US gallon of gas. We do not think that's poorly stated.

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15f410ef, 2015-10-07, 05:50PM CDT

Not a good company to deal with. They do not, and I repeat - DO NOT - stand behind what they sell. If you want cheap, then contact them. If you want quality, then run far away from them. If you want good customer service, well, you won't find that at Island Hopper. Marie and company only want one-time customers as customer satisfaction is not important. My business was built on repeat business, not one-time sales.


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