Hyundai has no Quality and also no respect to customer!

Posted on Thursday, August 21st, 2008 at 7:31am CDT by 92149895

Product: Hyundai Accent

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I own a HYUNDAI Accent from 1998 and have only 92.000 klms (that would be about 65.000 miles). I also -and always- drive "gently". I don't drive fast, I don't accelerate strong, I don't go above 90 klms (70 miles) per hour because I want to have fuel economy.

HYUNDAI cars generally may be cheap to buy, seems to have enough good technical specifications and they're good looking. But I believe its not worth because:

a) it has poor construction quality,

b) it appears often mechanical and electrical malfunctions,

c) the fuel consumption usually is bigger than this described by its book,

d) it has expensive genuine parts so an EXPENSIVE SERVICE,

e) when I drive I hear sounds, rattles and cracks from the main body and the plastics of the car.

f) often, when I catch the door from the outside metal surface, there is static electricity that shocks me (its very unpleasant).

g) it burns lots of oils inside its engine (so, I have to carry always Oil with me). The cost to fix it is very big.

In the case of the last unacceptable problem of my car (oils burned inside the engine), I communicated with the Dealer here in Greece (it's titled "HYUNDAI HELLAS"). The Dealer is representing Hyundai Motors. He doesn't do anything he wants. He complies with the rules and standards of Hyundai Motors.

So when I told them that the last malfunction of my Accent (lots of oils to be burned inside its engine) is UNACCEPTABLE when I drive "gently" (is proven by the Car's service book), I have done gradually little miles in a decade (about 65.000 miles) and always go my car to the EXPENSIVE authorised service and then I asked Hyundai Hellas to fix it for free (yes for free because it's unacceptable) they told me that the warranty is expired. So what? If the problem is UNACCEPTABLE, they have to fix it. It's like the Recalls.

What every reliable car industry do when they realize an unacceptable problem that owed to their defective production? They recall the problematic cars, no matter if the warranty has expired, and fix them for free.

What's the difference in my case? I inform them for a defective car of theirs. They must fix it. They didn't fix it. I communicated with Hyundai Motors (Korea) and Hyundai Europe. Nothing. For all of them, this malfunction is something usual, something acceptable... Enough!


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a3c8ec69, 2010-04-01, 06:10PM CDT

I also have an Accent a 2002 to be precice i'm 21yo and i never seen a car that cheap and poorly built i am considering of buying a 98 chevy cavalier Z24 coupe and you know what? i will my Accent transmission is failing and alot of electric of the car are failing i also get electric shock by touching the door.

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