Gail Murphy's Personalized Equine Transport Service (PETS) - Gail Murphy's Personalized Equine Transport Service-kept horses for 19 days- returned to pick-up site and stole $1500 deposit

Posted on Thursday, August 21st, 2008 at 9:57pm CDT by 8f1b9f0e

Product: Horse Transport

Company: Gail Murphy's Personalized Equine Transport Service (PETS)

CA, 92003, US

Category: Pets, Animals

I had contracted with Gail to transport 3 horses from CA to North Dakota. I sent her a $1495 deposit. She picked up my horses and then took them to her property for 19 days, lied to me about all the delays. Friends finally located my horses in Valley Center CA, in horrible conditions- with Gail gone- caretakers taking care of my horses. Gail finally returned my calls and stated that she couldn't transport my horses and she would have them returned to their pick-up location. she had someone haul the horses back, by then 19 days had past and their health cretificates had expired, they are only good for 30 days. She has refused to return my deposit of $1495- she is a liar, fraud and a thief!


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ba917d72, 2008-08-22, 11:48AM CDT

Lisa Tryon contracted with us to transport her 3 horses from California to North Dakota. Our written contract with her clearly states that if she canceled within 72 hours of departure, she would lose her deposit. She asked us to hold the horses for her at our facility while she moved. She knew exactly where the horses were located. She absolutely knew that there were going to be delays. She knew that we have a business to run and would not personally remain at our ranch to give her horses the excellent care that they actually received. Lisa agreed to call us when she relocated in North Dakota and let us know when to deliver her horses. When she finally did call, we were on our way back to California and told her that we would leave for North Dakota with her horses as soon as we arrived home. Lisa, being the impatient type, said that she would not wait and demanded that we return her horses to Apple Valley.

As Lisa Tryon canceled within 72 hours of our anticipated departure, she lost her deposit. When someone cancels at the last minute, it messes up the logistics of the pending trip. You must keep in mind that there are other clients and horses and a cancellation will take the profit out of a trip.

Additionally, we incurred expenses of (1) transporting her 3 horses and large amount of tack from Apple Valley, CA to our facility - $300 (2) boarding her horses for 19 days ($10 x 19 X 3) - $570 and (3) the cost of transporting her horses and tack back to Apple Valley - $300. Total costs we absorbed were $1270.

8f1b9f0e, 2008-09-03, 08:33PM CDT

LIAR, LIAR!!! I just read Gail's reply to my compaint. There was NO mention of her keeping my horses while I moved- which took 2 1/2 days. PATIENT I was!!!! 19 days worth, while she lied about their impending departure- truck problems, trailer problems, etc. When she picked them up July 4, I was already in ND, she told my friend that they were going to her place for the night and would be leaving for ND the next day. Why would I want some stranger to hold my horses at her place when they were just fine at my best friends place? The last conversation I had with her, Gail stated that she was not going to be able to transport my horses and would return them to Apple Valley CA (pick up location)- this conversation was DAY 17. Please all other victims of this woman report her to BBB and also check out her listings on I wish I had googled her before I sent her 1500 and had her pick up my horses. Please do not trust this person with your horses!!

f3256561, 2008-09-05, 09:38AM CDT

Lisa had her horses boarded at my ranch prior to her move to North Dakota. She began looking for a hauler to move her horses well AFTER she purchased her new home. Her time lines and dates for moving and having her horses arrive were well established. When contracting with Gail Murphy the discussion was that she wanted the horses to arrive the first week of July. This was the verbal agreement between herself and and Gail. On Gail's contract there is no documentation of location of Gails ranch or specified delivery dates. I called this into question when I saw it as all of the haulers I have worked with have very specific departure locations, the physical address of their ranch/establishment and a specific delivery date or range of dates. I have also never paid a deposit as high as that, it has always been a nominal deposit and balance on delivery.

Initially we were expecting the horses to be picked up on Sat. Jun 28 and have them taken to Gails place. This was GAILS REQUEST, I questioned this when I heard this was happening but Lisa said that Gail prefered to do it this way. Gail did not show up, she called and said that she had truck problems and would be there on Monday. This was the beginning of my experience with attempting to communicate with this lady. According to her last communication with Gail, Lisa told me that the horses would be leaving on Monday afternoon. Lisa left to drive to ND on Sunday, so I would have to be there to meet the hauler. Gail had told Lisa that she would just take the horses, I did not have to be there. I said, NO WAY, NO ONE TAKES HORSES OFF OF MY RANCH WITH OUT MY BEING THERE.

Gail was to be there at 5, so I had to take off work early and was there at 5 to meet her. (I have to drive 1 hr to work so this means taking off at least 2hrs early) She did not show and there was no phone call and no answer on her cell phone. (she had my cell and home phone numbers) This same thing occured on Tues and Wed. Finally on July 4 Gail called me and said that she was 2hrs away and would be picking up the horses. This was the first communication I had from her, inspite of many many phone calls to her from me. She and her partner picked up Lisa's three horses, her ONE saddle and SMALL brush bucket. She commented to me on how fat Lisas horses were. She also asked for three days worth of pellets for the older horse as he requires this for supplement. I was more than happy to give this to her. She told me they would be leaving the next day for ND, anticipated a two day haul and this would get him through to ND supplement wise. Two weeks later the horses had yet to appear and Lisa had been told a series of stories, the transmission went out, they were in an accident and had to haul the trailer to Oklahoma for repair and finally phone calls were simply not returned. There is no physical address on the contract and Lisa had no idea where her horses even were. I found a possible address by doing an Inter-Net search on the name Murphy and the general area where we thought she was. Using mapquest and a GPS my adult daughter and I drove to the San Diego area and were able to locate the horses. We spoke with the care takers who told us that Gail and her partner had been gone for 17 days and were not expected back for a week or more. Doing the math on that we realized that Gail had indeed left the day after picking up Lisas horses, but not to deliver Lisas horses. Lisas' horses were visably down on weight and her cutting horse had an injury on a hind leg and was visibly lame. We contacted SD police to make sure it was legal to haul the horses out and made arrangements to come get them. Lisa called and left a message on Gails cell that these were our intentions. At that point Gail contacted Lisa and told her that the horses would be returned to my ranch. At this point the health certificates that were required for inter-state transport had expired so the horses could not have been hauled to ND anyway.

Yes, in this day and age of $5.00/gal diesel, trip coodination is critical. However, I have shipped a lot of horses cross country for our business and I have never had an experience like this. Communication and trust is critical to this business and with the constraints of trying to coordinate as many horses per load, it makes HONEST communication even more important. Lack of communication and truth as to the status of shippment was evident throughout this process. As for costs incurred, I took time off of work three times, drove all over the San Diego area: gas and time incurred. Vet bills for the injury and recerts for the health screens not to mention dozens of phone calls and time lost waiting for Gail to show up. More than money the issue is one of ethics. The term "horse trader" is not a positive one. Those of us in the horse industry struggle to establish our credibilty in the business world, to see one of "our own" with business ethics such as this is a blow to the heart.

8f1b9f0e, 2008-12-10, 06:39PM CST

As of Dec. 10, 2008, Gail has not returned my $1500 deposit. And sadly I have been contacted by other horse owners she has also ripped off(check out Please do not trust this woman with your horses or your money. My horses were successfully transported to ND by Hugh Weech, a retired vet in CA.

e223fbb2, 2010-01-13, 09:40PM CST

Gail Murphy tried to do the same to me. She would not return my deposit after I heard terrible things about her. I have recently filed a police report because she recently used my visa to pay for a care of someone elses horse. She charged my visa 340.00 fraudulently. More than a month after my first mess with her. SHe tried to use my card. She is so crooked ! STay away !

ba5e87f9, 2010-03-09, 10:36PM CST

We also had a terrible problem with Gail Murphy transport. We were on the selling end of a transaction, with our customer very excited about purchasing two quality 2 year old horses in excellent flesh and condition from us to be transported by Gail Murphy Transport to back east. The person who arrived to pick up the two horses was not Gail. There were 3 subcontracters in the truck - one woman and 2 men. The woman insisted on loading the first filly, and was horribly abusive to her. When the filly, who had never seen a trailer started getting nervous about loading, before I could stop them, the woman was dragging the filly, and one of the men was beating her with a whip. The filly started to pull away, and the woman decided to teach her a lesson in "respect" and proceded to beat her with the rope and turn her in tight circles yanking and screaming. The filly just layed down, then leapt up and took off, running around the property with her lead rope. I angrily told the woman and men to stay still, while I grabbed a bucket of feed, and proceded to catch the filly. When I got her caught, I called the woman over who thought I would hand her the horse. Instead I handed her the bucket and told her to sit down and get out of my way. I loaded the filly quietly by myself in about 5 minutes, and the colt in the same way. I was extremely angry when they left, but the horror had just begun. The horses were left at some unknown facility in California for 2 months of angst for myself and the new owner. Gail would not return phone calls from the new owner, would not let her know where the horses were, and when I called Gail she said that she was honoring her contract exactly as she had explained to the buyer, and that the Buyer was lying about the situation and had not payed. The buyer was an extremely upstanding woman, who paid us instantly and I am sure that was a lie. Bottom line - 2 months later, our buyer received our two poor 2 year olds, severely abused, undernourished, and the filly with severe nerve damage around her head that she DID NOT leave with. Gail Murphy should have her ability to transport horses taken away. Please do not use her under any circumstance. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!!

8be197b8, 2010-05-29, 02:16PM CDT

I contracted with Gail Murphy to haul a horse for me as well. I had spoken to her a dozen times about my concerns and my needs.

I can not agree more that she is irresponsible, manipulative, a liar and a cheat. She not only is a smooth talker and a total scammer she had my 6 month old filly picked up at 1 am when pick up time was 4 pm. She had my filly for 2 months and I had to have the local authorities do a drive by and let me know what I could do.

She not only knows the laws about horses transport and so on she really goes above the law to suit her own needs. Knowing that she picked up my filly I kept in constant contact and had to also ask the breeder to please keep in touch with me. I kept in contact with the breeder and we were both distraught and crying.

I called Gaile 400 times a day no joke and this whole situation led to so much emotional distress. She has no care in her heart for the people she stomps on. She had my filly for at least 2 months. She delivered her at 2 am in October and picker her up in AUGUST!! WTH??

Her dump of a ranch is 7 hours from me and I was going to go pick up my horse but at the time I had a barn full I did not want to leave. I felt very protective at this point.

So when her ANGRY MEAN Hauler showed up who reminded me of a horse broker or kill buyer opened the back door I seen my pour little filly . She had staples all down her head starting at her pol going down her face in between her EYES and her lady handler AARON was more of a cover because clearly GAIL does not do the deliveries!

They refused to give me the horse until I paid the shipping. Excuse me? I paid for shipping with a 1 day layover and total transport was 3 days not 2-3 months you crazy WITCH!

I am a Christian woman who was tested beyond reason! This horse was a quality bred show horse and was covered all over her body in scars! She probably was abused to no end by your psycho group. BTW My filly had cattle prod burns all over her body. The vet I had seen her the day after she arrived said he had never seen any thing like it on such a little horse.

Not too mention she only fed my filly alfalfa and no baby supps like she was used to so she was sick and horribly skinny with an eye infection.

I was so distraught and worn out after all this I was brain dead but should have SUED her! IF it ever comes up I will gladly join to help put her out of business!

I work in animal rescue and she is an animal abuser! She could have been honest with me if my filly got hurt or something but the whole time she said she was in another state and had to get back and my filly was safe.. not only that she called me back before she had my horse about 75% of the time. In the 2-3 months she had my horse she called me back maybe 2 times? I did speak to Aaron the girl possibly 10 times and she only returned my calls after the POLICE came to her dumpy old ranch. I am not sure you can even call it a RANCH!

4bf8974d, 2011-03-18, 12:49AM CDT

Gail is a complete fraud! If you have nothing to hide on your ranch then why is your ranch address not on your hauling slip? you cant keep a horse in a p.o. box or did you know know that? gail has one excuse after another on why she is late on either picking up or dropping off a horse. And i just read that she has also committed credit card fraud! Congrats on your EPIC FAILURE of a business!!!!!

c48e86d2, 2011-04-04, 05:11PM CDT

Donald Lockwood owns Horse Van Services has a history of violence and has served time in prison. We are looking for anyone who has in anyway been intimidated and/or otherwise affected by this individual. Additional information would help to bolster our case against Mr. Lockwood. He has violated both an Order of Protection and an Injunction against Harassment. Mr. Lockwood continues in his attempts to try to intimidate this family. We will not allow him to succeed in his efforts to do so.

178d32bd, 2011-11-09, 10:57PM CST

Please help gail has my horse too and i would like to know where you found the horses in SD.

Thanks !

2c184b8d, 2012-06-11, 02:40PM CDT

Gail Murphy Has JUST DONE THIS as of today - I do not have my horses back - DO NOT CONTRACT WITh her - i HAver TO get THE LOCAL SHERIFF TO GET MY HORSES BACK SHE REFUSES TO TEKK ME WHERE THEY ARE - SHE NEVER PICKED UP THE HEALTH CERTIFICATES AND THEY EXPIRED THEY NEVER MADE IT TO ILLINOIS SHE NEVER COMMUNICATED WITH ME AFTER PICKING THEM UP0 - SHE HAS HAD THEM FOR THREE WEEKS do not use HER EVER !!!! She lies. She will not reeturn your calls. POLease e-mail me if you have had tis happen recently - she needs to be stopped.

Valley C., 2013-01-30, 11:26PM CST

I've seen her address on Circle R Drive in Valley Center. I'll go look for the address number. Good luck to all of you who are having to deal with a difficult situation. The street number was reported as 10000 on Circle R Drive.

da7fa2fb, 2013-03-22, 06:22PM CDT

ALL VICTIMS OF GAIL MURPHY, PLEASE READ THIS!!! You have legal rights and can take legal action against this woman! Killing horses, stealing horses and stealing your money are all criminal offenses, subject to jail time.You all need to file a report with the Valley Centre, CA District Attorney, and if enough of you do this, criminal charges will be made against Ms. Murphy and anyone associated with her. Believe me, this woman is not operating alone. Valley Centre Animal Control will assist you since Ms. Murphy is already on file with their office due to several complaints of animal cruelty taking place on her property.

People, if you don't contact Valley Centre's District Attorney, this woman and her sidekicks will just continue stealing from people and harming horses like she's apparently been doing for years. She needs to be put OUT of business and put IN prison for all the harm she has created. You all may be over the shock of what she did to you and feel like you have no recourse, but you do. Just remember how upset you were when you first learned she stole your money or stole, harmed or killed your horse, and go from there.

Good luck to all of you.

cc9fe995, 2013-04-17, 12:16AM CDT

Sadly, I have recently fallen into Gail Murphys trap. I was fortunate enough to escape with healthy horses, thanks to great networking in the horse community. I'm determined to put this women out of business for good. So she can no longer cause all of this distress & harm to anymore horses & their owners. I'm filing a report with the Valley Center,CA District Attorney, & I'm asking anyone who has been affected by Gail & her shady business ways to submit a statement to [email protected] The more of us that complain, the stronger the case we have. Lets put a stop to these poor business practices once & for all!!!

Brian A., 2013-04-26, 06:09PM CDT

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE TO TRANSPORT ANY ANIMALS. She had my horse 14 days on a trip from Missouri to California that should have taken 5 at the most. She lied about where she was and when she would respond to calls. She rarely answered her phone. My horse has FINALLY calmed down 14 days after arrival at his new home to the point that we can touch him and he doesn't shy away from all humans. He was 10% deydrated and 150 lbs under weight according to my vet who was there along with a deputiy sheriff when he came off the trailer. The shipping stall was MUCH smaller than she claimed. His hips touched the walls. He had multiple cuts and scrapes on his legs. She charged for overnight services in addition to her price for the service. The water was so soaked with hay that he could barely drink from it. The hay bag had VERY little hay in it. She was argumentative and left 6 other horses on her trailer in the hot sun while she walked around our ranch visiting other horses for over an hour. She has NO business in this business!

She was unable to pull her trailer into a long driveway with a loop. She is NOT a skilled driver. She unloaded my horse on the main road while halting traffic. UNSAFE!!

We need to ban together to put this woman out of business/invoke her license! What is it going to take for the proper authorities to take action and revoke her license to protect consumers and animal rights.

e4a28a16, 2013-11-10, 04:48PM CST

Reading these stories is interesting because we have used Gail to haul various horses to various locations throughout the US for the past 11 years. Her ranch is clean, the corrals are cleaned daily, there is good run-off so the horses aren't standing in stagnant mud when it rains, they blanket and fly mask the horses as needed, and they have on-site caretakers who live at the ranch and care for the horses. There are no shelters which is common in southern California. We drive by her ranch on a daily basis to get to the interstate freeway. All of the horses at her property look well-cared for and actually a tad overweight. We have recommended her to our clients for trailer training and they have been very impressed with the results. Gail is an exceptionally knowledgeable and savvy horse person and she has always been there when we needed her and at very reasonable rates. Her truck and trailer is top of the line. Consider that horses often lose weight and get stressed and/or dehydrated on a haul regardless of the circumstances and with even the best haulers. We have hauled our personal horses and had some refuse to drink water on a 4-hour haul, arriving at shows and Keurings in less than optimal condition, despite doing everything possible. In 2002 I had my yearling filly hauled from Canada by Bob Hubbard. She arrived sick, underweight, and severely dehydrated. It took a month for her to look like she did in the pictures the seller had sent me before she left her farm. The seller was so upset she filed a claim against Hubbard. It happens. The stress of travel and relocating takes its toll on all animals. Joe Camp (The Soul of a Horse) hired Gail to haul his horses from Valley Center to Tennessee. All I hear is positive from him about Gail. All I hear from our excellent and highly regarded horse trimmer is respect for Gail Murphy. Gail's business is 70% repeat customers. She has been in the hauling business for 38 years. That's a successful business.

shelly j., 2014-03-24, 03:51AM CDT

I have used Gail on numerous occasions and she is WONDERFUL! She always answers my calls and/or text messages, and if I do get her voice mail she responds promptly. She has always been the person to pick up and drop off....never had her sub contract even ONCE. Her prices are beyond fair. Her rig is gorgeous and clean. She handles the horses like an expert, and with kindness. I ALWAYS call Gail first when I need a haul. I have used other haulers, many of the big commercial haulers and have never been as satisfied as I am with Gail. Gail is great and undeserving of any negative comments in my book.

JANINE J., 2014-07-30, 01:22PM CDT

I have to agree with the last few above comments. Gail transported my horse from Idaho to California early in 2014, and I was completely satisfied. There was a bit of a delay in the pick-up, but never were we not in touch or did she fail to apprise us of scheduling changes. Her rig is amazing, I received progress reports of his condition and travel progress, and my horse (a very large, 17h. warmblood) was delivered perfectly happy and healthy at our destination. I was just going to schedule another trip with her when I saw the complaints listings, and decided to add my two cents worth. I can't understand why there would be such a disparity in her transportation services, but wanted to be sure and add a very positive report on my own personal experience with her.

1ffd6ebf, 2015-02-24, 01:38AM CST

Funny to say (as I work in the tech industry) the last several positive comments left about the terrible Gail Murphey were all sent from the same IP address which is equivalent to the IP address that is associated with Gail's email. She is a snake of a woman trying to obtain some sort of reputation that she does not deserve. She tried to steal my horse as well, but was upset when she wasn't successful. We all have the best wishes for eachothers horses and only leave comments about the horrors associated with this woman to protect others from her crimes. Please stay away from Gail Murphey.

dcbbd437, 2015-11-09, 09:15PM CST

I contacted Gail through UShip to transport my huge Belgian mare and her 2 year old colt from Colorado to New York in July of 2015.

She was incredibly easy to contact and always responded/replied within 30 minutes of my text or call!

The night before the horses were scheduled to be picked up I did a quick search of her name, and my heart sank. I almost threw up.

I couldn't believe what I was reading. I decided to meet her in person, ask her about all of these horror stories and go from there.

She pulled into the driveway with her huge beautiful rig like a pro. My initial impression was that she was a knowledgable and empathic lady, with her pups in the back seat and her other lady employee horse handler. The trailer was clean and well bedded.

My horses are my life, 100%. And I told her that. I was incredibly honest and teared up at the thought of them being out of my hands even for one day.

Gail assured me and took her time getting to know me, my fianc? and the horses. She let me look at every aspect of her trailer, showed me all of her first aid and feeding capabilities. I did not feel rushed to load my horses whatsoever.

She offered to text me pictures each night they stopped and at any time I requested an update.

We signed a contract, she had my deposit, she took all of my feed and hay (including hauling a few extra bales and bags of shavings FOR me).

She made sure she knew the details of both horses histories, feeding routines etc.

I felt pretty confident at that point. We loaded up and within an hour of them leaving, she had already called me to check in.

She called me multiple times a day, text me pictures of both horses each night and answered all of my calls.

I was so relieved. They arrived in NY as scheduled and even took a bit of time to help settle the horses into their new home.

I hugged her so tight and thanked her with all of my heart. I would employ her again in a heartbeat.

I'm not sure what happened to others in the past, but I just wanted to share my experience with her for anyone who had a heart attack while reading the other reviews. I also made sure that Gail would be the only one transporting my horses, as I read there were problems when there was a change of hand? I'm so sorry to the others who have experienced such a nightmare. In no way am I trying to discredit that, maybe things have changed for her? Either way, my babies were fed and in great shape when they arrived. She was totally understanding and patient with my neurotic worrying!

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