Posted on Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 at 9:08pm CDT by dd2cb9b2

Company: Small Animal Delivery

Location: 714 Campfire Trail


Category: Pets, Animals

I am one of the kennel managers here at the Kennel. On June 6th,2008 Small Animal Delivery picked up a Yorkie puppy from our facility at 5:00 pm the puppy was delivered to New York and arrived around 10:00am that Saturday morning, our customer took the puppy to after hours Vet clinic were he died shortly afer arriving. The Vet report stated the puppy was severly dehydrated, when the puppy left our facility he had just recieved his Health certificate from our Veterinarian that he was healthy and ready to be shipped. It was apparent that small animal delivery did not feed or water the puppy, results the puppy died from dehydration and sugar drop. The driver of small animal delivery said the customer had two small children and and they were playing rough with the puppy, saying anything he could to get the blame off him. On July 24th we desided to let the owner of small animal delivery Norman Koelmel deliver a Weimaraner puppy, since the driver that had delivered our Yorkie puppy was no longer with the company we felt surely the owner of small animal delivery would care for and deliver this puppy safely, the Weim Puppy was picked up from our facility on Thursday July 24th, the puppy was to arrive Sunday morning July 27th in Oklahoma. Our customer contacted us late Monday afternoon in tears, said her puppy had just arrived and he was lethargic, skinny, weak and could not walk, Norman Koelmel owner of small animal delivery gave our customer the run around saying the puppy was ok it just needed to get adjusted to her, he left quickly knowing there was something wrong with the puppy, this man knew he had not cared properly for this puppy. Mrs Phllips Veterinarian said the puppy was dehydrated and that the puppy could not have been fed or watered for at least 18 hours maybe more, it was apparent to the Vet our customer and my self that this puppy was not properly cared for, a simple case of pure neglect. The Veterinarian said it was a good thing the Weim puppy was a healthy puppy when he was picked up from our facility or he could have died in the hands of small animal delivery. We have used other shipping companys and have never had a problem. Now that one puppy died and the other could have, I felt a need to warn others and to keep other puppies from having to suffer at the hands of this company. As of todays date 8-5-08 this company has not tried to do the right thing and settle these claims.


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58ca5119, 2010-04-11, 03:21PM CDT

What they have listed are nothing more than total distortions of the truth and nothing short of outright lies. The vet never said anything about 18 hours. We delivered at 5pm and they took the dog to the vet at 7am the next morning to get tests done that you should get done when buying a pet online unseen.If there was something wrong with this pup shouldn't they have taken him to the vet that night. Shouldn't they have watered and fed the pup in the 14 hours before they took him to the vet?

But the news article out of the newspaper dated april 9th and 10th 2010 shows that shelia rush and her workers were arrested for running a puppy mill. 97 dogs were confiscated by animal control.This speaks volumes about her operation and we are happy not to have anything to do with her.

4c745351, 2011-01-17, 11:56AM CST

I used Small Animal Delivery this past year just before Christmas and will never use or ship my puppies by ground again! I was totally disgusted with this Norm guy as soon as I saw him drive up in a MINI VAN! As soon as I looked into to van tears flowed and I was sick. It was nasty, he was nasty. The dogs were crammed into this van like sardines. I was sick for 4 days and couldn't eat or sleep till I knew my puppy was delivered to his new owners. I felt guilty for putting my puppy into this guys van. He left on a Tuesday I believe and didn't get there until 3 or 4 days later. He did not answer my calls all day the first day and didn't hear back from him until the third day. This man has turned me against even trying to ship puppies by ground. I was trying to avoid flying and putting the puppy through more than they needed to be put through but will not think twice about flying over ground shipping ever again! I also am thinking about starting my own delivery due to this guys disregard for animals.

a12d4ea0, 2012-06-06, 02:23PM CDT

Norman is a snake. He is not punctual at all. Our dogs were picked up 7 days late and delivered 2 days late. He will not answer his phone or return phone messages. He does not belong in this industry. I will tell whoever will listen not to do business with him, starting with Scott A. Go get a real job Norm. Start at McDonalds and work your way up.

Business Reply  Norman, 2012-09-07, 07:48AM CDT

Don't know what job this was but if we picked up a week late we had their permission. We did lose 2 vans that had problems and were donated to charity during that timeframe. What they didn't tell you was how the animals were treated during the trip. We take as long as needed when we stop and take care of animals. We run late because we try to work around everyones schedule and once we lose time we can't make it up so if we are not on time we are late most likely.We try to answer phones all the time but we are at the mercy of the cell phone companies. We try to get back when we can. Glad the animals got there safe and sound.

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