Artisiana - Recieved damaged goods

Posted on Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 at 11:14pm CDT by a3937d5a

Product: Olive wood products

Company: Artisiana

Location: TN


Category: Other

I spent over $5,000.00 buying olive wood products wholesale from Artisiana.

They are located in Tunisia,Africa.

When the products arrived I noticed many cracked and broken pieces. Also, there were missing pieces. The rest appeared to beok after a quick inspection. After only about a week of having these products, I noticed that the wood (chess sets, vases, candlesticks,mortar and pestles,bird cages etc) were cracking. Later I discovered a few pieces of a product with bark on them having been infested with termites. The termites were dead due to my pallet being fumigated at port.

I notified the company Artisiana about all the problems. They did absolutely nothing to fix the problem and now I am left with products I cannot sell and a bank payment I cannot make.

WARNING: are crooks!

I have documentation. Emails from Artisiana, pictures and witnesses.

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d50c48cb, 2010-12-17, 06:51PM CST

I also received products that were broke these I attributed to rough shipping but the last shipment I received were missing many items such as olivewood backgammon boards. Complaining to tunisia -- best save your breath, after numerous attempts to settle the matter even after they promised to ship items, it never happened I was told they would ship it in the next order-- FAT CHANCE!

Beware dealing with companies that are in other countries and how you pay , since they want you to prepay , recourse is tough!

Good Luck!

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