Citibank - Citibank experience is not worth it!!

Posted on Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 at 2:39am CDT by 0a894bfd

Product: $150 gift card promotion.

Company: Citibank

Location: Ca, US


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The Citibank experience is not worth it, believe me!!! My mother saw a promotion from Citibank that offered a $150 Gift Card for opening accounts at Citibank. For us, this promotion was just horrible and a stressful experience! When a company makes you go through hoops just to qualify for a promotion it is simply not worth all the stress!! What happened was my mother is at the point in her life that she doesnt feel comfortable driving anymore, so, I offered to take her to Citibank, so she could qualify for the $150 gift card promotion, but, I didnt realize that it was the last day for her to qualify for the gift-card. When I found out I left work early so I could pick her up and drive her to the nearest Citibank branch. By the time I picked her up and she was in the car there was just enough time to get her to the local Citibank branch just before closing. To assure we would be on time, I asked my mother to use my cell phone to call the local Citibank branch and verify that we have the correct street address and ask for some basic directions to the branch location. When she called Citibank, it was ridiculous! She was put through a huge barrage of computerized voice menus and sub-menus, that said press or say, #1-0 etc. for this, that, or the other. She eventually finds her way through a labyrinth of menus and eventually presses the right combination of buttons and eventually gets a live person on the phone, but then, it seems that shes having difficulty communicating with the connected Citibank representative, I thought it was because of the car, or the noise of driving, so I pulled off the road so she could hold a conversation. Then she utters this is someone from India and I could tell my mother was having a lot of difficulty understanding the foreign Citibank representative. Oh My God, this is absurd; I was thinking, it seems this person is not going to be of any help to us at all!! The representative was defiantly not local, not by a long shot! Can you imagine, youre on the road with only about half an hour to get to your local Citibank branch before it closes on the last day to take advantage of a promotion and so you attempt to call just to get your bearings and your call is then routed to someone who isnt even in the same country, or even the same continent for that matter! Furthermore, if I worked for Citibank and someone from India called me in the United States just to ask me a question about their local Citibank branch in India, I wouldnt blame them if they where upset also, especially if I couldnt help them, or they couldnt understand me. Anyway, I just thought mom could call the local branch and ask someone for simple directions and verify the street address, was I wrong!!! We didnt get any useful help from the foreign Citibank representative on the phone, so, by the time we got to the Citibank branch it had just closed by about a couple of minutes or so. I felt so bad for mom I offered to give her the $150 out of pocket, but she refused, because shes always encouraging me to save my money. This whole miserable experience was so upsetting due to the outsourced customer service from Citibank I told her that I would be willing to pick her up next week and drive her to a local branch and she could close any accounts she had with Citibank, hopefully she can find a bank that will let her talk to a person from her local branch..


California U.S.A.


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1e903b2d, 2008-08-03, 11:31PM CDT

I can't even believe this complaint. You are the one at fault for not realizing it was the last day. You are the one at fault for not knowing where the place was long before half an hour before it closes.

Banks have the menu's for a reason. I can't believe that you didn't even know about this before calling them. It has been years since the last time I called a bank where I didn't have to press buttons for certain things. Where have you been? Underground?

And you are coming off as racist by being upset at the Person because he was from another Country. Sorry, but he can't help where and to what ethnicity he was born to, and People have to work to make a living, regardless of where they are from. Furthermore, Cell Phones rarely get good reception when you are in a car, and I know this for a fact because I too work in Customer Service. It's very annoying when Customers call on Cell Phones, because it's very difficult to hear them almost all the time.

I don't even blame .000001% of the situation on the Person your Mother talked to. I blame you 100% for not being informed ahead of time. It doesn't make a bank bad because you thought that you could just call and get basic directions very quickly. You simply thought wrong as you mentioned. Whose fault is it that you were wrong, yours, or the banks? So are they going to switch how they do things just for one Customer who wasn't prepared?

This is an absurd complaint, and you should be ashamed of your ignorance, not to mention arrogance and racial complaints.

c2396216, 2008-08-04, 09:56PM CDT

Dan, I wonder why the Citibank call center representative didn't just transfer your call to the local banking branch if your mom needed directions? That would have been the most logical thing to do, I would think! In the past I've needed to call my bank and the call center politely asked me to hold while they transfered me to my local banking office, it seems strange they could not, or would not easily do this for you. With regards to the difficulty understanding the call center, unfortunately, this is the nature of globalization and at least someones there is answering the phone, which is becoming less and less common today, even if there's difficulties in translation since companies are more and more outsourcing to save money, but I understand your frustration as I've experienced this myself in the past. Maybe you should contact your local Citibank branch and let them know what happened. because you'll never know if someone there may sympathize and listen to your particular problem on that day. You could at least give it a try and hope it helps!


Reno, Nevada U.S.A.

1607212e, 2008-11-16, 11:28AM CST

Yeah, this "complaint" is pretty ridiculous. Thanks for wasting my time, Dan. I thought when I saw how long this was that it would actually be something valid. You spent more time typing this essay than your mom spent on the phone with Citibank trying to get a representative. I'm miserable that I even read your post waiting for an actual complaint.

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