I Hate Sears

Posted on Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 at 8:15pm CDT by 74f14dd6

Product: Kenmore HE3T Front Loading Washer

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I just Googled "I Hate Sears" and I can't believe the number of entries. Here's my particular tale:

First off, I am so beside myself I want to hurl my very expensive front loading Kenmore washer out the window and unto the lap of a Sears Board Member. I would like Sears corporate mgmt. to feel the same pit in their stomach as I do when I think about their company. It's sickening.

A month and a half ago, our fairly new washer registered an error code. "Fine," thought I, "Thank God I paid that extra $300 for the extended service agreement." That was on top of the very hefty price tag of $1200. That's $1500 for a washer.

You see, we were replacing ANOTHER front loading washer, the Neptune, because it had died an very premature death. To fix it would have cost more than most people pay for a washer. The Sears serviceman had told us that the Neptunes weren't very good washers anyway. Hmm...nice representation of the company.

But back to the second broken washer. I hunted on the terribly designed Sears website for Repairs. I tried to make an appointment using their site, but it said I didn't have a warranty! So then I hunted for the 'customer service' number and spent a half hour on the phone and digging through receipts to prove to them them that I did, indeed have a warranty.

Finally, the first service call was arranged. Only they only serviced my area every 2 weeks. Argh. 2 weeks without a washer (family of 4, summer time...). 2 weeks later, the serviceman arrives, doesn't seem to understand the washer and then finally says that he can't fix it, it needs a part. I inquire why he doesn't carry parts in his service van. He says he does, but the Sears policy is that if it's an expensive part, it must be ordered. By the way, it'll take another 2 weeks. I'm getting really annoyed by this point with the Sears system of repair.

2 weeks later, he comes again, but the part does not. He leaves. 2 hours later (the same day) the part arrives. I call Sears repair again (the process of speaking to a machine is driving me nuts by this time). I tell them to get their serviceman back and fix my washer. Again, I'm told that they're very sorry but this is just the way it is and I'll have to wait another 2 weeks for him to install the part.

2 weeks later (today) - he comes back. Did I mention that every time Sears schedules a "service" call, they give you a window of between 8am-5pm? So far, this is 3 days of missed work and 6 weeks without a washer. About $150 spent so far at the laundry drop off and hauling wet clothes to friends' and neighbors' houses. I'm really kicking myself at this point for spending $1500 at Sears.

He comes back today at 4:45pm (I've waited all day) and says that he can't fix it and get this that it needs another part!!! He says to call Sears when I get the part and sets up another appointment for 2 weeks from now. Now we're going on 2 months, basically the entire summer, without a washer for a family of four.

Of course I called "Sears customer service" for about the 25th (I'm not kidding) time and spend 15 minutes on the phone with a machine, finally get person and that person says there's really not much they can do. Is this GroundHog day? There is something seriously wrong with this company.

I spent 15 years in advertising in New York and let me tell you, Sears has a serious "customer service" problem on their hands. Their 'system' creates an inability for their employees to problem solve and actually help their customers. And it is obvious by the tenor of the conversations I've had with Sears representatives that they understand that they are completely powerless to help the very customers that are coming to them with issues that need resolving.

So..in 2 weeks...I'm dubious about wheter or not my washer will be fixed, but I can assure you that my confidence in Sears will not be.

A final bit of irony. When I visited the consumer complaint website pissedconsumer.com and read a related Sears complaint, I noticed that Sears is advertising on the site, right next to the complaint!! Now, I realize that Google places the ads, but that is just idiocy.


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35462745, 2008-12-20, 02:38PM CST

I hate Sears now as well. They used to be a great company, not so any more. The customer service 1-800 number is a JOKE, their delivery service people are untrained and lazy, and the technicians never show up on time. I just bought $10,000 worth of high-end appliances for a kitchen remodel and since the purchase, almost everything has been terrible. Everything from very severe property damage during the install to damaged appliances in the box, late appointments and rude customer service employees on the 1-800 number. I will NEVER buy from Sears again.

- Atlanta GA

5b529ca9, 2009-01-23, 08:59PM CST

People- Do Not buy ANYTHING from Sears! This exact thing has happened (is happening) to me now. I have a brand new washer that keeps breaking (won't spin and drain all the water). To talk to the "service" center is such an exhausting, frustrating experience. They have had to come out 4 times in 6 months. That is a lot of days off for me waiting around, too much time in laundramats washing clothes I should be washing at home, lots of phone calls and sitting on hold for hours. Then they stand me up for my appointments and reschedule them at their convenience. I am documenting everything so I can file a small claims suit and get my money back for the POS washer. Save yourself many hours of horrible patronizing phone calls to the robots who pretend to be Sears employees... don't fall for any of their sales, just say no - pay a little extra and go to Lowes or Best Buy! You will be happy you did. Hopefully they will bite the dust and be gone soon.

f564bd2b, 2009-08-26, 04:26PM CDT

We had the same ill experience with our sears front loader.When we changed the computer like the repairman said it need,it was not the cumputer,so we changed the timer.It was not the right timer sent to us so we replaced the old one and finally a seperate repairmen outside of searts fixes the door switch so it finally worked.Now e will not use the washer for fear of more costs.Their front loader"saves a gallon of water"unquote and cost $1,500 in unneeded repairs.352-597-1740 sign me up for any class action suit.

96579c28, 2010-03-13, 03:41PM CST


7d5308f7, 2010-04-10, 08:49PM CDT

I just had a real idiotic experience with their web page, tried to have something shipped to a store near me (the customer service rep left the phone dangling for five minutes and when I called back said the didn't carry the item I found online. Chat didn't return a warm body, so I, like you, looked up "I hate Sears".

All I can offer you, compadre, is the names of their board members in case you build a trebuchet capable of hurling a washing machine:


198ca380, 2010-07-30, 10:51AM CDT

As I wait, yet again, to have my front loading Kenmore washing machine fixed, my husband sent me this link. Like the previous consumer, I am about to load this machine on a truck and dump it in front of the nearest Sears. If I hear one more time that the off balance of this machine is normal I will post a UTube video of it dancing and scratching its way across my laundry room floor.

This is my fifth Kenmore washer. Prior to owning this one I wouldn't think of using another brand. Now...I tell everyone I know how disappointed I am in Sears, the sales people who misrepresented the machine to me, and the service department that makes me take time off from work and invariably shows up after the time window elapses.

And wait, 8 minutes til the window closes and the repair guy just called to say he won't be here for another 20 minutes or more.

f6139ff1, 2011-04-18, 02:38PM CDT

wow. I just got off the phone and guess what? I have to wait all day Thursday to some joker to show up to fix my washer. It had the exact same problem as it has now. I will never buy any appliance at Sears again. In fact I will never buy anything at Sears again. They used to be the best, now they are the worst and least dependable.

952fd4d1, 2011-10-06, 08:04PM CDT

After being a loyal customer for 30 years, I will NEVER buy anything again from Sears! On Sept 1 my oven broke, a 2300$$$$ oven! It was not until Sept 21 that they sent a refrigerator repairman, he did not even know how to turn my oven on! The part was ordered, and today, finally, I was scheduled for a repeat visit. THEY SENT THE SAME REFRIGERATOR REPAIRMAN WHO DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO FIX AN OVEN, AND HE DID IT INCORRECTLY. I am still without a working oven, and I have to turn off the power as it is a fire hazard. No one will call me. This is the 3rd repair on a very expensive Bosch oven. They will not replace it. I am never ever going to buy anything at again at sears....NO customer service.

DARLENE F., 2012-10-03, 06:02PM CDT

I am 65 year old stage 4 cancer say still alive today lady in north canton oh. After 40 years whole house master protection plan.I have never been talked at not to like this.My almost 5 year old sony 40xbr tv the best you could buy then at $3059.99 is now a $500.00 to replace tv. When you buy the best and the 2nd largest screen at the time you would think they would do better then this.So don't buy a tv over $500.00 and please don't buy a service agreement.Sears is not the sears of my past or they think I'm old & have cancer how much more can I buy.So if your old or have cancer don't buy at sears.If they don't do better then this you will see me at the belden village mall sears telling all the people about sears tvs until they drag me out cancer and all.And they told me if I show up and tell the truth about what they did they would drag me out cancer and all.I hope you can read this my cancer has taken the right side of my face and my right eye is not so good but what does'nt kill you makes you stronger.

Vicki M., 2014-08-07, 04:36PM CDT

Our Sears top load Elite large capacity washer has had problems from start with uneven load errors since purchased in 2010. In 2011 almost everything was replaced-software updated then replaced, new motor, new guts the works after we finally reached an Executive Service Relations person who really cared about the customer. Well guess what -she's no longer in the role and no one wants to help unless you throw more $ at a 4 year old washer that's been a problem from purcahse. We have always purchased Sears appliances for our 3 rental units, personal home and for both our mothers-well NO MORE! My 30 year history as a loyal Sears appliance fan has ended!

Vicki M.-Cape Coral, Fl.

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