Rogers - hazardous cable

Posted on Monday, August 18th, 2008 at 5:05pm CDT by 604bbfbc

Product: Cable tv and internet

Company: Rogers

Location: London, On, CA


Category: Other

I have my cable TV and internet services with Rogers. 10 days ago I found that my internet does not work. I called Rogers and they came in and changed the modem which was rental. After they left, I found that the following were broken (which I did know before the modem was fixed). The router, 2 computers which were connected to the router through ethernet cable, and my TV tuner. The 2 computers turned out to have their network adaptors fried and since they were built-in the mother boards had to be changed. My router and TV tuner were also fried and I had to get new ones. I always use power surge protector for my essential instruments, so there was no way that a power surge caused all the problems. The only way this could happen was a shock from Rogers cable (verified by the technician who changed my mother boards). The only devices zapped and destroyed were the ones connected to the cable, directly or through the router. I tried to talk to Rogers reps but they all were refusing even to listen to me. I have to bear a damage of about $1000 because of Rogers cable.



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