Jack's Service Station - Re: Customer service complaint at Jacks Service Station

Posted on Monday, August 18th, 2008 at 1:33am CDT by fbc45ab0

Company: Jack's Service Station

Location: 194 Route 59
Suffern, NY, 10901, US

Category: Other

To: Better Business Bureau

From: George Dialfonso 914-462-2418

Date: 08/18/2008

Re: Customer service complaint with Jack's Service Station

On Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 1430, I brought in my friends 1994 ford bronco for an inspection. When I got there I looked through the garage bay window and was greeted by this very angry person that yelled at me while waiving his hands and pointing very aggressively. He shouted, go sit in the waiting room! I should have left right then and there but I didn't. When it was my turn, he looked at me with disgust and yelled "what are you, a god dam fucking peeping tom or something? I was scared. I didn't answer. Then we went through all the motions of the inspection beep horn, lights etc. Then, he said go to the waiting room and i'll take it from here. Then after 5 min., I heard him yell Hey! I didn't realize he was talking to me. Then there was a second yell, this time a lot louder and stronger, hey! Then I stood up to look and there he was looking right at me from across the garage with has arms in the air straight out as if to say whats going on? I said yes? He yelled I cant open this fucking hood. So now I am really very uncomfortable with this guy, I went over there to try to help him and he said that he hates these old pieces of shit trucks. You assholes modify everything on them. I said this is not my truck let me call the owner and ask how to get the hood open. While I was dialing my friend, he mumbled under his breath fucking assholes. My friend instructed me that the grill plate slid out so that the latch could be accessed to open the hood. So it worked, I then removed the grill so he could open the hood. Then he said I got it and basically pushed me aside. He then ordered me to just put the grill in the back seat and come over here. By this time I was so frazzled, I was doing everything he said regardless of how bad the situation was getting. Then he rudely said come here. I went over and he said that the headlights were illegal and had been modified and that he should fail me right then and there. He just shook he head in disgust and said fucking assholes! Again, I didnt say anything. Then he commanded, go wait in the waiting room! Now I was in the waiting room sitting down. I felt like a child that was yelled at by their father. I then proceeded to call my friend John to explain to him about what had happened to me here. Now, he pulls out my friends bronco and backs it in to do the emissions test. The bronco has rear wheel drive so he needed to back it in. Then I saw him put earmuffs on and turn on this super loud exhaust machine. It was really loud. So I proceeded to walk away from the noise so I can have a conversation with John about my horrible experience here with this mad man. While I was talking on the phone, I saw signs in the front window stating please do not park by the gas pumps for inspections & to park on the side of the building. I had walked to the side of the building (to drown out the noise) and proceeded down this little decline to where there were dirt and pot holes filled with dirty water. I couldnt go anymore so I made a u-turn and proceeded to walk back up still talking on the phone. At that moment I looked up and there he was, the mad man, standing there with his arms crossed looking at me like I did something terribly wrong and wanting to kill me. I closed my phone and in a panic without saying goodbye to my friend John. Without hesitation he screamed at me What the fuck are you doing? I didnt say anything. Again, What the fuck are you doing? I then said, what do you mean? Still screaming at me he shouted Thats fucking private fucking property! Still in shock, I whimpered, sorry, I didnt know. I didnt see any signs that said do not enter or private property. Then, at that moment he threw his hands in the air shouting profanities and said thats it! He went into the garage disconnected all the equipment and drove the bronco out, jumped out, came up to me and dropped the keys into my hand and said take it someplace else! There was no charge, and no money was charged for his (almost done) services. I then called Anthony and informed him of the situation. Then the next day Anthony, the owner of the Bronco, took his truck some place else for an inspection, where he was informed that the truck had failed an inspection yesterday and that the crazy man Larry, from Jacks Service station, had put in the computer that the truck had failed inspection. What the falsification was for failing the truck is unknown. When you fail an inspection, there is still a charge for services. There was no money exchange or anything. The owner then told Anthony that he had a lady come in the other day for an inspection in tears because she went to Jacks Service Station, and said that he was such a monster to her. By the way the bronco did pass its second inspection with no problems. That illegal modification of the headlights was nonsense. They were the original headlamps that came with the car. Please advise as to how/if I can pursue this matter further. I wish to follow through on this in any way possible to ensure that this does not happen to any other unsuspecting customer looking for an inspection or other services from Jacks. He should NOT be permitted to continue business in this manner. Thank you. Please feel free to contact me at 914-462-XXXX


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