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Posted on Sunday, August 17th, 2008 at 6:57am CDT by 7bbcbc1f

Product: verizon v cast flip phone with keyboard lgenv

Company: verizon company

Location: oleander drive wilmington nc independence mall
wilmington, nc, 28403, US

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for about a month my phone instant messenger wouldnt work and i thought all along it was just the keyboard problem to it and didnt realize until 2 weeks ago on friday aug 1 st i went to verizon local store at independence mall to talk to 2 different associates whom were 2 black males working at the time wish i knew their name but didnt get it since i thought the first employee said he send me away for 45 min to check on my cell phone to see what was wrong with it and i returned to see what might ve been found and said it was needed a new software put in was the reason my im wasnt working also it was frozed up so this is why i had to use text the whole time also i dont use phone much since im hearing impaired and my girlfriend is deaf, she uses instant messages or text which she depends on since she dont talk as well as i do and i dont talk myself since most of my friends are deaf as well but my verizon cell was fine except just the messenger was which i thought was cut off but was due to in need of new software so the first employee said for me to wait for another cell phone since they didnt have the perticular type of cell phone in stock so i went on home the whole weekend and went back on monday aug 4 th and talked to a taller black male which the other one i first talked to was off tht day said i shouldve had it ordered and shipped to my house and i gave him my address exactly what was on my verizon mailing address billed to me i get every month and for some reason the fed ex shipping didnt come due to wrong address since he didnt put unit d by my number which was 4153 d was a d as a dog was not stated so fed ex never came because of that and i went on to call on the phone 3 days ago which was on friday aug 15 th and the lady who worked there did everything for me to have it shipped over night after i found out why it wasnt shipped by fed ex the first place since this guy didnt put unit d by my condo nbr to where i live. this lady told fed ex to send it to me with correct address exactl what has always been stated on my bill i receive in the mail even before the first time i went to the mall was no excuse for my shipping to be done since from oklahoma i receive exactly what my address states 4153 d was no reason for my first shipping was wrong and i beleive this 2nd guy which was another guy didnt put d on my order on purpose because im sure on the computer it was exactly 4153 d and he didnt put d caused the first order not to be shipped to my place but the 2nd shipping was supposed to be overnight prepared by a 3rd female representative which was never done because i went to fed ex myself and found the box was still there a day later and couldnt get it because i didnt have id on me to claim it then i went right to the mall in person to ask this lady who took my call to have it shipped over night why it wasnt shipped she said it was supposed to and might be another day late depending when it starts to be shipped but the whole time i knew it was never done and i want to know why i get lousy services from all 3 associates in the same store at independece mall verizon???? is it because im lesser of a customer or hearing impaired treated differently or is it they dont do what was supposed to be done the way it shouldve been because it was busy at the time etc???? my point is i beleive in customer services come first no matter what under any circumstances!!!! i wasted month with out instant message service and 2 weeks of waiting for my exchange of the cell to be picked up at the store then fnding out it shoulve been sent to my home then my address wasnt corrected then was supposed to be shipped over night which it was never prepared over night. if i get 2 boxes this proves a mess up of services but if i never get 2 boxes this means the whole service was nt done as it shouldve been if i receive one box from fed ex or get it in person at fed ex main distributer which i already been and know its there also the lady at fed ex said that box was the only box there and none other was there from over night delivery for 2nd box so somewhere along there all of it the customer services was a mess and id like to see those 3 associates to be eliminated from the store but if they happen to still be there i will have a talk to their manager in person and if still not done nothing about it ill hire an attorney and ive had enough of this mess up services from this whle 2 weeks and waitng for my cell phone to immediately be here 2 days after the 2nd time i went to the mall never came then had to go again and said was supposed to be shipped over night by phone and never was done still sitttin at fed ex main distribution building im gonna pick up myself on monday aug 18 th! id like all associates to know as well as myself and all customers do deserve great assistance and services equally no matter what or else if i continue to get lousy services i will talk to better business bureau also hire an attorney to make sure this shake up improves the service of verizon company. thanks im not playin and take no games from all of you there u all got it!!!!!!!CUSTOMER SERVICES FOR MYSELF AND AS WELL EVERYONE IS EXPECTED WITH EXCELLENCY NO BLUFF OR TAMPERING OR BS WITH ANY OF ALL OF US OK THANKS AGAIN


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