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Posted on Sunday, August 17th, 2008 at 4:34pm CDT by 459129f6

Product: APX Home Security System

Company: APexAlarm

Location: APXAlarm 5132 North 300 West Provo, Utah 84604
Provo, Ut, 84604, US

URL: http://www.apxalarm.com/

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I live in Norhter California and had a Honeywell 6000 Home alarm system. We had not used the 24 hr- 7 day per week monitoring service for several years but the system did work as a stand-alone alarm system served by an outside warning bell. The system had two control components: a wall mounted keypad for operating the system, and a central control box where all the wires from the windows and doors come into a panel.

An APX sales person came to my door selling APX 24/7 monitoring service. He did not inform me that my Honeywell 6000 central control box would be replaced. He did say that that the wall keypad would be replaced and augmented with a wireless keychain control attachment. He said I could cancel the service contract in 3 days and my system would be restored as was, no cost and no harm no foul.

That turned out to be a lie.

As I signed the contract at about 5:00 PM, to my surprise, an installer showed up and began what I was told would be a 45 minute installation. Four hours later, circa 9:00 PM, she left.

I tried the system and it was a mess. Previously I had 17 separate control points (doors, windows, motion detectors, etc.) Now the motion detectors were not hooked up and I had only 6 points of control. Some other points were were also not hooked up at all.

I cancelled the contract on the very first night. On receiving a call to schedule removal of thier equipment I was told they would/could not hook up the old system thereby creating a catch 22 for me. I either had to go forward with their system and a five year service contract or end up with a totally disfunctional alarm system.

The 3 day cancellation protection afforded by law is meaningless with APX Alarm Company. In my experience their method of operation gave me only two options: Proceed with a contract with them or end up with my old system equipment returned to me in pieces together with 50 some odd wires hanging out of the wall where the central control panel used to be.

Some Company! My advice. Stay the heck away from them. They are bad news.

PS - I later learned I could hire a reputable local Honeywell Dealer to hookup (wire) my old system. Estimated labor is #327. I will try to recover my cost via small claims court but collecting from an out of state company is question.

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6b41eb1b, 2008-12-17, 03:58PM CST

I too have an apx system that has faltered a few times. But last night was the icing on the cake. I was in my kitchen cooking(I left the stove on in the process of panicking) when the alarm went off.Scared half to death, my dog and I ran outside into the rain and waited for the police to show up and checked things out. Then I was told that they had been there earlier, while I was at work. No one notified me, my other half, or any contact. I believe I will be charged for these false alarms, also!They were at my house two weeks ago for a sensor in my side glass door and now they say that's the problem,again. I've had to disarm it twice and that is the main door I'm afraid of! They refuse to do any more than come out and fix the same problem. I want that stuff out of my house and life!! I sat up until 2:30 am this morning and had to get up at 5:00. I cannot trust this company and/or system any more!!

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