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read my complain letter:

To Its is just lunch / Sacramento management:

This is a letter of complaint concerning non fulfillment of your obligation to response to my request for refund due to relocation.

I contacted your office on July 11th, Kimberly, the new director answered my call. I informed her that my past experience with IJL was unpleasant and that I have moved to a new area which is no longer served by IJL/Sacramento. I informed her of my intention for a refund. I told her that refund due to relocation is allowable on my contract. She said refund was allowable only if my service is not transferable to different office and I will need to speak to Linda. She said Linda was very busy and may not get back to me in 2 weeks.

Two weeks went by, I called IJL and asked to speak to Linda on July,25th, I was told Linda will called me back and asked me to leave my phone number for contact. I left my phone number for her but never receive a call back.

I called IJL again on August 8th and asked for Kimberly or Linda, I was told to leave a message and phone number again.

I called again on August 12th and Kimberly answered my call. She said Linda will be in the office and definitely call me back by Friday August 15.

Linda never called back. I called them on Friday afternoon and asked for Linda. The receptionist answered sarcastically and told me Linda was not in and she will leave a message for her.

It has been over 4 weeks, a simple phone led to a run around. I never receive a response from IJL. What entitle IJL to keep my unused fee by not offering any service, not even a phone call?

I have filed complain on, I will be filling more complains with the State and local agency if I dont have a reply. I am attaching a copy of cable statement form my cable TV provider for address change.



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