Yahoo! - Yahoo News Spoils Olympics Surprise

Posted on Friday, August 15th, 2008 at 12:15am CDT by 7bf9e413

Company: Yahoo!

Location: US


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Most news outlets are responsible about not spoiling Olympic news before the events are broadcast on television, but not Yahoo. I was checking my mail on my computer in California when I saw Olympic results announced in the news headlines section of Yahoo Mail. [No. 6: Phelps grabs yet another gold medal (AP)] The event had not yet been shown on NBC in California. Thanks, Yahoo, for ruining the surprise for me!

News outlets, such as the San Francisco Chronicle, are careful not to report results on their homepages until the events are broadcast locally [ ran a message such as "Phelps seeks gold medal no. 6 (SPOILER!)" until the local broadcast.]. I would complain directly to Yahoo, but I can't figure out how to contact them.

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