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Posted on Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 at 7:29pm CDT by cd189e4c

Product: RCN billing & technical support

Company: RCN

Location: US

Category: Other

I'm not sure even where to begin but just want to be sure my opinion of this absolutely awful customer service is logged onto the web somewhere. I had called in the beginning of July to request a shut off date of 7/31 because I was moving.

I came home on 7/17 to no channels above 11. Called the technical support # on my bill & was told that I had no cable because of a pending work order for termination & I needed to call billing in the morning because they may have terminated it early in error.

I called billing in the morning & was told that my acct looked fine, I'd need to call technical support. I called technical support again & spk with someone who went thru LOTS of different steps to try to correct my issue. From unplugging everything, making sure things are "tight", holding my power button for 5 seconds, waiting for it to turn on & off (which it never did) sending a signal to my box, then sending "the strongest signal" to my box which could take 15 minutes to 2 hours to work. I'd have to call back in 2 hours if it didn't' work & start the explanation process all over again. Oh & by the way, once we tried all her special tricks I ended up with no channels at all never mind only 11. She also told me that "they removed the most important part of your package. The premium channels" I explained nothing should have been removed & this was an error. She rudely came back at me stating she could put it back for a $48 activation fee. She said I'd need to speak with billing about the fee if I didn't agree but there'd be a charge. I then called billing & was told that this person did see something on my acct not the premium issue but that I was on the recent "crush list." (a list of people with analog boxes, which I did not have) She said "you were part of the crush, but shouldn't have been part of the crush, but actually haven't been crushed yet.

I'll email the team handling this." She couldn't give me a timeframe that I'd have my cable back on. Since this was 7/18 (no cable for 2 days already)and I was scheduled to move & end service on the 31st anyway, I then asked to terminate service effective immediately instead as it wasn't worth waiting to see when they could fix it. I then had to speak w/"Darla" in the termination dept who was really helpful & understanding. She said she'd "end the billing as of 7/18 & then put in a backdated adjustment for 2 days back to the 16th." She told me to return the equipment asap so there'd be no problems receiving credit. She gave me her # & I forgot to write down her extension. BIG MISTAKE! Returned everything the next day, Saturday.

Received 2 more bills after this even though I had already paid thru 7/20 before any of this even happened. I called today & was told to speak with billing. The billing rep couldn't do anything for me because I "was being billed still because there is a 10 notice required for service termination requests" so when asking for a supervisor she said she'd call her "lead billing team" After another lovely lengthy hold came back to tell me that they'll credit my acct $23 which will go back to 7/19 the date that I returned my equipment. "Leaving a balance of $23." Not understanding how I could have a balance due & was not due back $, I had to ask for a supervisor. "Only 2 were taking calls so it will be a long hold." After quite sometime then got the rudest person yet. She claimed to "not be stupid" and "when she was able to read notes that matched what I was saying she'd then be able to help me" "You've already received a lot of credit. They even credited you for your prorated month 7/28-8/20"

She kept saying there was "no call on 7/16"...I know this but she couldn't get past that to even understand the problem that existed. I asked for her supervisor's name..."we don't give that information out." After rattling off rude, attitude filled remarks and comments she then was angry enough to give in & "get another supervisor because we really aren't going to get anywhere with this." I then spk to Moe the "lead supervisor" who was helpful. He calculated what 3 days of service would be & rounded up to give me "a $5 credit onto my account bringing my balance to..." YEP!! Still not understanding I've already paid thru 7/20, no service as of 7/16 & still owe $????? It REALLY doesn't take a genius here!!

Finally, he realized my point & took additional time to review further & came back advising that he "brought the account to zero and cleared the balance due." Mind you I still paid 4 days of service that I didn't have! Yes it adds up to be a small amount of $ but its more the principle. AND never mind the minutes used making all these calls!! I spent well over 4 hours all together. Just today & the 18th's calls took over 3 hrs!



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