Tesco PLC - Tesco Clubcard

Posted on Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 at 6:04am CDT by e252549a

Company: Tesco PLC

Location: GB

Category: Other

I would advise everyone to check their points on the Tesco Clubcard.For the third time in the last couple of years, my clubcard points have been wrong. This is not to do with when they send out the vouchers although they try and make out the mistake has occurred because of this. I am about 70 points adrift. Although I have contacted them several times, their customer service dept, can not be even bothered to check my points. After I told them they were wrong they adjusted my points from 506 down to 502 instead of adding on all the points I am missing. I have the receipts to prove it. The attitude of their staff - they are too lazy to even check my points. Approximately one year ago, a member of their staff in the cigarette kiosk, took my card but my receipt had someone else's clubcard number on it. She had used her own, and stolen my points but the store and Head Office did not want to know. Check your points on every receipt and that your own card has been used.


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