Posted on Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 at 11:53am CDT by cb29942c


Company: SEARS.COM

Location: US

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Same experience - don't use the website. I ordered a dishwasher online in June 2008 and the number you are to contact is delivery who always seems clueless and blames who has to send them the order. When you talk to rep, you are told that delivery has to handle. When you tell them they don't have a clue, they find it so odd. So you go back and forth for hours. Finally delivery finds my order but oh, now no one seems to know when it will be delivered. Funny, when I got fed up and called National Customer Service - they said they get online complaints all the time and they would take care of it immediately. Suddenly, like magic, the impossible was done - this person called me back with a delivery date. Despite this I was stupid enough to try again and last week, ordered a twin mattress/foundation set order # 4037528. I then decided I didn't need the foundationa & all hell broke loose. Same thing again to delivery & back and forth. Delivery says they can't find my order then say infer that it's my fault, that my phone number is wrong but people say it is correct in their screen. Delivery guy obsessess about the phone number repeatedly stating it's wrong and that's the problem. Delivery seems to be in India from the people I've talked to there. So, i'm told by if I cancel now, I'll have restocking fee then I am transferred to delivery again despite my explaining they cannot help me. Again, i call again and finally got someone to tell me that I could refuse delivery of the foundation since they couldn't "find my order in delivery" and there would be no restocking fee. THEN I get a call back from someone from saying that they were, after all, able to delete the line item (foundation) from my order! Well I expected delivery today and have not heard anything so I call them only to find out that my order is CANCELLED. All of it - not just foundation. When I speak to Julie a "svc. recovery team" manager....she is passive-agressive, demeaning - speaking to me like I'm nuts and repeatedly asks me how she can help me today. I explain, I spent 3 hrs on the phone doing this and this is the result??? I told her that I would like an explanation as to how this happened - that's all I want. I want her to contact whoever cancelled my order and with what authority since I did not cancel. Her attitude and tone were like, yep sorry about your luck! Keeps repeating: "But how can I help you today - what can I help you with going forward - I didn't handle your call" You want to reorder?? When I try to speak, she speaks over me until I tell her to stop it. I am in customer svc and I do not talk over people - I listen & she is being quite rude. She explains that nope, she doesn't have the names of the people I spoke to (even though there are notes)and she offers me free delivery of my mattress. How nice....frankly, I probably would have taken her up on that shen I called and calmed down but the way she spoke to me is a big no-no. I won't be buying anything here again. Fooled me once, twice, I'm done!


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