Costco - Costco delivers DOA Infinity Spa

Posted on Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 at 9:09am CDT by 258d4230

Product: Infinity Spa

Company: Costco

Location: PO Box 34331
Seattle, WA, 98124, US


Category: Other

We ordered an Infinity Spa from Costco.Com for $3000 which included curbside delivery. The Costco contracted driver told us that it would cost $245 to bring the spa to our backyard and attach it to our wired receptacle (which we had wired to receive this spa for $500). It was delivered at 5PM on July 24th and we gladly paid the driver $245 to get it brought to and hooked up in our back yard.

We filled the spa with water added the recommended amount of chlorine and decided to go to bed and turn it on for the first time in the morning. In the morning we were horrified to see all the water (except for a 2 inch deep puddle on the bottom) had left the spa and drained all over our perennial flower bed .. chlorine and all. Most of the plants are now dead. I called Costco on 7/25 to tell them of their non-functional spa. It was suggested that we remove the front panel to see if in fact the drain hose was unplugged in transit. It was not but we did see a loose hose inside the spa which was hanging attached to nothing and with no plug. Costco passed us along to Todd who was handling the Infinity Spa end for Costco. He contacted me that afternoon on 7/25 and said that an Infinity technician would be in touch with me. On 7/29 when I had not heard from anyone I called Todd and left a voice message asking for the status. I sent and email also the same day to Todd asking the same thing. No response. I repeated the process on 7/30. Again, no response.

On 8/2 I left another msg and sent another email. Finally on 8/4 I asked Todd via email and voicemail to have this DOA spa picked up ASAP. Finally on 8/4 I got a message from Todd that a technician would be in touch with us within 72 hours to repair the spa. I said fine and actually commended him on his taking care of the situation. The technician never called.

I called them (TC Enterprises) on 8/6 and spoke to Dennis, the lead technician. He had no idea about this issue and said, furthermore, they only dealt with spa surface repair. I immediately called Todd and left a voicemail and email for him to please come and get this DOA spa. He finally returned my call on 8/8 leaving a message that I had to pay again to have this dead spa delivered from my backyard to curbside. I have had it.

We have been here with a non-functioning spa in our yard, dead perennials from the chlorine that was leaked and we are still expected to pay the $3000 on our Costco Amex card, assume the loss for the $245 back yard delivery, and never even mentioning all of our perennials. And now they want us to pay to get the dead spa shipped back.

We bought this brand new spa from Costco. Costco delivered the item DOA and has done nothing to undue the damage. We are executive members of Costco and have been members for over 15 years without a complaint. We are cancelling our membership when it expires in September. Costco, you were the shining star in our book. What is happening to you?


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2b2c03f7, 2008-09-12, 09:02AM CDT

I agree - sometimes I wonder whether it's the shareholders that are screwing the company up. They used to be so member-focused, and now they seem to want to just make as much as they can. Instead of getting values for their members in everything they have, they're maximizing their profits. I remember stories of people bringing their boom boxes back to the store after years of use and getting a full refund, no questions asked; now, you have something like 90 days for any electronics good before they won't take it. I understand some of the big ticket items, but it seems like we pay for access and don't get any benefit on the products themselves.

ad8f3904, 2008-09-13, 07:23PM CDT

I too am having a problem with the exact same spa, except I took delivery on August 29th and here it is Sept 13 and I still have not been able to hook it up. There are some serious scratches in the tub and on the rim that I need looked at before I start exposing them to chemicals. Also, there are no headrests. I would be curious to know if the other consumer has headrests in her spa. We have received only one response to our repeated calls, and unfortunately we were unable to answer at the time and got a voice mail telling us to call again. We have, again and again. The only good thing so far is that I was able to put a hold on payment thru AmEx, and I will not pay one penny until Infinity has the scratches treated and the spa is hooked up and running properly. It is a sad day when a Costco product comes without customer service. I guess you get what you pay for, but I was not expecting this from anything purchased from Costco. Be wary of Infinity/

Laguna spas out of Texas.

525dd2d1, 2008-12-08, 11:56PM CST

Did you ever consider that the delivery driver may have caused the damage?And furthermore an unhooked hose come on seriously is not worth that much trouble.Thats an easy repair.

33ce84fb, 2009-08-07, 06:00PM CDT

I bought the same spa about a year ago. I hooked it up about 2 months later as I was getting a patio poured and electrical installed. The spa was working fine for about a month or 2 when I noticed a silver cap from one of the jets was sitting on the bottom of the spa. I picked it up and tried to put it back on but could not get it to stay on. Within 2 months a couple more of the silver caps had fallen off and I could not get them to stay on either. I thought it was too long past the purchase to do anything so I didn't contact Costco. It has now been a little over a yr. and now when I turn on the jets it makes a loud screetching noise and the temperature seems to just go up and down on it's own. NOT HAPPY!!

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