can't find it's own shipments

Posted on Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 at 6:11pm CDT by 2aed426d

Company: can't find it's own shipments

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I recently ordered three Craftsman ball-bearing tool chests from Total cost around $1000. Here's my experience:

1) One tool chest arrived, as promised.

2) One tool chest got lost and was then damaged in shipment. Sears emailed me that UPS had it in transit. In fact, after several attempts at UPS tracking it turned out that UPS never received the chest. Instead, it went to a third party who pretty much destroyed it in transit (partly a testament to the poor build quality of the chest). Bad news is that (which advertises 24/7 service) was down most of the week -- I tried more than a dozen times to find it up twice. Just as bad, the active site was of no help and also didn't provide a phone for service. I finally found a phone number through Google and then spent half an hour wasted with little help. They tell me I can go to a store. Good news is that after driving 12 miles to the store, it "ONLY" takes 1.5 hours to get a replacemnt.

3) The third item, which I had delivered to the store, is apparently lost somewhere in their system. It was promised it a week ago. I drove to the store -- it's not there. It was then promised two days later for sure. I again drive to the store -- still not there and the overly-busy stock person doesn't have time to find it. The Sears manager refused to let me take the floor model (an identical model) despite my need to have this ASAP for a planned event. I later call Sears to find out when it will arrive. Spend 10 minutes on the phone. They disconnect me and don't call back. I then call the store. I get "human resources" when I ask for "merchandise pickup" from the phone tree. Human resources say they're doing this job too and won't know for another day if they have it . . .

The bottom line here is:

1) The quality of Sears Craftsman products is deteriorating, witness the tool chest that bent like a pretzel. I'd given up buying Sears power tools decades ago, after they outsourced parts (thus eventually destroying their power tool franchise). At this point, low price suppliers like Grizzly and Harbor Freight -- pretty much the bottom of the barrel -- make equally good tool chests.

2) The IT staff running is apparently incompetent. I've never seen a major retailer site that was so poorly designed, that led to so many broken links, and then was down for days at a time.

3) Sears logistics is abysmal. They have no idea who has their merchandise, where their merchandise is, or when it might arrive.

4) Sears customer support is hit or miss. I've had more than two dozen attempted contacts and a dozen contacts in my quest to get the three items I ordered. About half the Sears people tried (but failed because they didn't have any systems support or their systems were down) to be helpful. A few were simply incompetent or maddening.

Sears could have been a great success story, gracefully migrating their catalog business to the Web, continuing to offer excellent Sears-branded merchandise, and supplementing their presence with a well-integrated physical presence -- their stores. Sadly, I suspect it is too late for any of this to happen.


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cb29942c, 2008-08-13, 11:40AM CDT

Same experience - don't use the website. I ordered a dishwasher online in June 2008 and the number you are to contact is delivery who always seems clueless and blames who has to send them the order. When you talk to rep, you are told that delivery has to handle. When you tell them they don't have a clue, they find it so odd. So you go back and forth for hours. Finally delivery finds my order but oh, now no one seems to know when it will be delivered. Funny, when I got fed up and called National Customer Service - they said they get online complaints all the time and they would take care of it immediately. Suddenly, like magic, the impossible was done - this person called me back with a delivery date. Despite this I was stupid enough to try again and last week, ordered a twin mattress/foundation set. I then decided I didn't need the foundationa & all hell broke loose. Same thing again to delivery & back and forth. Finally got someone to tell me that I could refuse delivery of the foundation since they couldn't "find my order in delivery". THEN I get a call back from someone saying that they were, after all, able to delete the line item (foundation) from my order! Well I expected delivery today and have not heard anything so I call them only to find out that my order is CANCELLED. All of it - not just foundation. When I speak to Julie a "svc. recovery team" manager....she is passive-agressive, demeaning - speaking to me like I'm nuts and repeatedly asks me how she can help me today. I explain, I spent 3 hrs on the phone doing this and this is the result??? Attitude is like, yep sorry about your luck! But how can I help you today - let's not talk about the past, let's discuss what to do going forward? You want to reorder?? When I try to speak, she speaks over me until I tell her to stop it. I am in customer svc and I do not talk over people - I listen. Then she offers me free delivery of my mattress. How nice....frankly, I probably would have taken her up on that and calmed down but the way she spoke to me is a big no-no. I won't be buying anything here again.

cd84d72b, 2008-08-13, 12:40PM CDT

It's like reading my very own story only I attempted to order a TV.

I won't go into details here, as I posted my rant on this site as well.

It's the people's attitude that floors me and absolutely makes me see red. I don't want excuses, I just want someone to fix it. Don't get nasty with me simply because your company can't tell a hole in the ground when it sees one.

I would have tried sears again if not for the attitude of the reps. As it was, I spent $100 more at a competitor and don't feel cheated at all.

f9561b41, 2011-02-06, 09:59AM CST

I couldn't agree with this complaint more! Yesterday, I went to purchase a home theater package they had on display. My 3 sons and I waited around 30 minutes before being asked if we can be assisted. Calmly, I told the rep that I would like to purchase this home theater package. He goes to the pc and comes back 5min later and says they are all out of stock. He then tells me that he may be able to sell me the store display with a 20% discount. He makes a phone call and comes back and says, "I cannot sell the display". In conclusion, the part that makes me a little upset is we stood around for almost 45min for nothing. He told me that they should have a truck shipment coming in soon but didn't know when. On that note, I will never return to this retailer or their POORLY DESIGNED SITE.

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