Ethan Allen - Extremely Bad Customer Service from Ethan Allen

Posted on Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 at 7:51pm CDT by e2b7c241

Company: Ethan Allen

Location: 2209 NE BEL-RED ROAD
Redmond, WA, 98052, US


Category: Other

We walked into Ethan Allen looking to purchase some furniture, we were interested in an Entertainment Center with a TV lift kit. The sales associate told us that the lift could accomodate a 50" TV and as far as she knew, since she sold so many of the units, that there has never been an issue. I asked if there was a lift box for a larger TV and was told no. After purchasing the unit (7k), it took 6 weeks for delivery and during that time, I purchased a 50" Panasonic plasma with the assumption that this would fit. In fit, I remember calling and letting the sales person know that I had purchased my 50" Panasonic. Suffice to say, the TV would not fit. It was later discovered that the height would not accomocate any 50" TV's (30" inch height maximum) and most 50" plasmas are over that limitation. No big deal, but since I had the TV for awhile, I could not get the same deal for a smaller 46" TV and was forced to pay the higher difference.

All I wanted was for Ethan Allen to refund me the difference between the TVs. They would not, they said I should have looked in the catalog. In the catalog the entertainment center is on 2 different pages. On the unit that looks like ours, there is no dimension limitations. Only on the base unit on the other page did it state 30" height limitation. If I would have had this limitation, I would have told the television place that these are the limitaions and what did they have that would have fit.

Ethan Allen would not accept the blame, saying it was in writing on the other page.

My recommendation, AVOID ETHAN ALLEN. They make nice to you, until they have your money, then when there is a problem, they dont try to help fix it. Returning the entertainment center was not an option since it was customized, so Ethan Allen agreed to pay 1/2. If they had any customer service, they would have paid the entire amount. They are the experts, they should have given the limitations at purchase.


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