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Posted on Monday, August 11th, 2008 at 5:35am CDT by 75912a51

Product: Parcel

Company: DHL

Location: Bangkok, TH

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Dear all,

On July 19, 2008, my husband sent a letter and attached Cash amount of US$600 to be delivered by DHL. I received the letter on July 21, 2008 from DHL.

Unfortunately, the envelope has been silted and the money disappeared. Then, I contacted DHL both the internal and external branch (Malaysia and Thailand) to investigate this problem which I thought had occurred and done by the staff of DHL Malaysia.

From the enquiries with DHL about the limitation of delivery, it indicated that there is no permission to attached cash together with letter. However, the critical issue is that the verification of the delivery is careless. If the process is appropriate, thorough and able to verify cash wash attached with letter. DHL will return the parcel to the sender.

Although my money is lost, I accept the regulations regarding placing money with letters. However, the issue I am upset with is that every time I cooperate with DHL, the only respond is that "still in the process of the investigation". Thus, I am surprised that a global and well known company would handle problems without any effort and concern. WHY??? Why do they still hire and allow stealing staffs to continue working in the company. The significant issue is not to get the cash returned because I know it may be difficult to get it back but I would prefer if DHL will investigate who the person that made that mistake in this issue and punish him by fire him from the company.

In my opinions, I think they work as a team and had done it for a long time. However, no one dare to declare it to the public because it is the regulations. It has been two months of investigation yet I have not gotten any answer from DHL regarding where my money is and who will responsible for this issue? Or DHL choose to neglect the problem to keep up to its image and the reputation thus decides on keeping quiet and closing an eye on the wrongdoings of their staffs.

I would like to tell everyone about this risky delivery. From now on do not trust DHL to deliver your parcel anymore. Otherwise you are the one who choose to be at risk like me!!! There are many other alternatives to deliver your parcel such as FedEx or TNT.

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b425c01b, 2009-11-10, 04:24AM CST

Well FIRST thing is you are not supposed to send cash, jewelleries or valuables through any kind of courier companies. They forbid these kind of items to be sent and they will not be respoonsible if it's lost.

So your point was DHL never gets back to you on who made the mistake and cause your money to be missing. Well you are then MISSING the point itself.

Like they said in the first place, they are NOT RESPONSIBLE if such items go missing. Why would they have the time to carry out any thorough investigation to find out who stole your money???

Dun waste your time trying out other service providers. They all have the same clause and will react the same way. Blame yourself and your husband for being ignorant.

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