AT&T - Satellite Dish collusion & price gouging

Posted on Monday, August 11th, 2008 at 8:35pm CDT by 5a995dbd

Product: AT&T

Company: AT&T

Location: global
San Francisco, US


Category: Other

I relocated within San Francisco October, 2007 into subsidized housing that offered ONLY bundled Internet and Dish for television and Internet at prices higher that AT&T offers just a few hundred yards away because they were provided exclusive rights to provied these services to ALL residents in the development. Elsewhere in San Francisco AT&T offers many incentives for customers to switch from the exclusive cable franchise holder to Dish, but they have no motivation when they are guaranteed anyone wanting to watch television in this development can only choose their package. In addition, they offer vitually NO customer service and have many service interruptions that they don't explain, fix quickly or waive charges for. How can those many hundreds of us in this lousy situation get equitable pricing and decent dervice?


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