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Posted on Sunday, August 10th, 2008 at 10:47am CDT by 377a54ba

Product: An emailing service in Belgium


Location: YMLP Ieperstraat 85 B-8970 Poperinge Belgium


Category: Other

This company is a rip off. I submitted a newsletter to them for publishing and paid for the service. When I clicked 'send' a message returned stating that it will be reviewed by staff member. It remained in waiting status for 3 days and then I tried contacting them first via their form and then by email. I waited a week and got no reply. I tried calling them by phone and got an automated message. A week went by without any replies from them and so I sent a message requesting refund and the next day my account was suspended claiming that I violated their policy and have not refunded me.

Their policy says that my account will be terminated if violated yet it still is active, just cannot send mails. I sent them details on how my list was legitimately acquired yet they never responded or re-activated my account. In March of this year ('08) I referred them to a friend who paid them $60 and his message was never sent and he never got replies nor refund.

I had used their service before and it seemed ok without the above troubles but was somewhat disappointed with the results. I sent a newsletter to 600 people and about 70% returned as 'bounce' even though I knew for a fact that they were active email accounts as I seeded the list with 2 of my own and also knew most of the people I was sending to. Then the 30 that 'succeded' mostly went to junk which did not happen before when I used my local mailing program or now that I use I figured it was a little glitch in their system and it would be ok the next time so I used it again because it is cheaper than others - which now confirms that if 'it's too good to be true it usually is'.

Many weeks have gone by and I still have not been refunded, replied or my newsletter sent. So unless you live in their city in Belgium where you can go knock on their door, Do Not Use THEY ARE A RIP OFF SERVICE!!


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3f0c94c7, 2009-01-21, 12:56PM CST

I agree!! This is scam! I am also a victim of apparent scam website in Belgium. I have registered account at this website They have charged me $100 for a period of two months for mailing service they did not provide. On the website they offer email services... I have tried to use their service but they simply do not provide it.

I have tried to contact them over the email several times as well as over the phone, apparently it seems like a scam as nobody replies. Eventually thay just simple closed my account without any email.

What are the steps I can take to recover the money they have charged me? Also I think other people should be warned about this scam.

What government run offices in Belgium can I contact regarding this scam? Thanks,


d0372478, 2009-02-11, 01:40PM CST

Both the original post and the comment are false allegations from people who have unsuccessfully tried to abuse YMLPs software service to send spam and have had their account terminated for Anti-Spam Policy Violation:

Original Post:

Emuzement Inc

4337 West Kennedy Blvd

Tampa, FL 33609

Tried to send the following message, spamvertizing, to close to 20,000 Hotmail email addresses:

Subject Line: Beat The Recession - Free Shopping Cart Website and High Income



Rafal Furdzik

48 BayRidge Ave. Apt 3A

Brooklyn, NY 11220

(address verified by PayPal)

Tried to send the following message, spamvertizing, to close to 20,000 email addresses and had already uploaded 250,000 more email addresses to their account.

Subject Line: RE:


Patrick Van Acker, CEO & Founder

80d27c51, 2011-02-10, 09:41AM CST

I've been using ymlp for a couple of years and they've genrally been ok - provided the service they promised (on a monthly account). But a couple of weeks back I started having (really frustrating!) problems with the template function (I would create one then click next only to see it wiped). I've tried emailing them and creating a support ticket via their website but nobody has responded in the last 2 weeks. Only thing I can do is close my account.

d1c27572, 2011-10-11, 09:07PM CDT

I am trying to get a refund from them right now and they have been ignoring me after YMLP's Tom P. wrote in an email that I would get a refund if I cancelled by a certain date. I cancelled 2 days before right after he sent me the email. Think my bank manager will do a chargeback since I saved all the correspondence. Just another reminder to do business with companies in the US only.

f00772e3, 2011-11-09, 06:24AM CST

I have the same problems with YMLP.

They confirm that e-mails have been delivered, but our clients didn't receive it in their e-mail box. I sent e message to YMLP but without answer !!!!

What is going on here ????

Steve S., 2013-01-14, 02:09PM CST

I've been using them for years and have never had a problem. I've even watched my list grow to 25.000 without lifting a finger. I would recommend them without hesitation. We use them at and you are welcome to ask further questions.

Something doesn't smell right with these complaints.

1e083333, 2014-03-06, 07:25PM CST

Ive used ymlp and they are fundamental part of my business, seriously. You just have to play by the rules. The staff has always been very friendly and fast even with time difference.

I think ymlp rocks.

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