PODS - PODS mistakes cost customers

Posted on Friday, August 1st, 2008 at 11:49pm CDT by b3e2d362

Product: PODS portable on site delivery systems

Company: PODS

Location: clearwater, fl, 33760, US

Category: Other


The nightmare started for us at the beginning and we assumed it would get better but no. We started with ordering moving supplies from them and specifically asked if they would be delivered before our return home from vacation because we did not want the boxes, etc. on the porch, in the rain. They submitted our receipt with a date placed ahead for delivery but the boxes were delivered a week early and yes they were out in the rain and even a tornado by the time we got home from our trip. Next, the POD was delivered 8 hours late on the scheduled day so we lost an entire day of packing time and our house had to be shown to a possible buyer with boxes sitting around waiting to go in the un delivered POD. Now it is the end of the day for the pick up of our packed POD, which by the way we were just told a week ago had to be picked up seven days before it's delivery to our new house that is only 10 hours away. Therefore we've been without our things now for days because it had to

be packed for this early pick up but they never picked up because some brilliant person entered it as 2009 in their system. We've called 6 times today and they kept telling us that they were on the way then at 9 pm they quickly sent out an email that stated we were being picked up tomorrow. Now they say that they are unable to deliver it to our new house until a day later than scheduled which means the movers will now keep our money since there will be nothing to move, our disabled child will be sleeping on a hard, and who knows how clean floor and we lose another day in our move. They have offered nothing to make up for this and still insist that they have to use seven days to get the POD 10 hours down the road.

So, this hype about the advantage of having it on your drive way to pack as you please and take your time is crap because it's late then they inform you later that you really have to be picked up seven days before you are ready so you will be without your things. I only hope they don't lose the POD enroute and I will never use them again. Because of this, we have also had to rent a Uhaul trailer so we can have our daughter comfortable the first night. Isn't that what we were avoiding when we went with PODS, the wear and tear of hauling a trailer, etc?


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