AT&T - AT&T DSL Elite Service

Posted on Friday, August 1st, 2008 at 9:32am CDT by 34cc1515

Company: AT&T

Location: Reno, NV, 89521, US

Category: Other

On July 14, sign up for Elite DSL service from AT&T that was easy right, online no problem. Got my day for activation for the 28th of the same month, still cool. Monday the 28th arrived and connected everything fine, one user play online games, download patches all good. Day after my sons arrived home, we all got online to play online multiplayer games DSL drops unable to recover. Good thing I haven't cancel my cable broadband so we were back online played on. Tried to reconnect dsl unable to. Friday called to cancel, rep 1 sorry sir I don't do Nevada, rep 2 same, rep 3 is probably a problem with your phone line, brand new subdivision I doubt it, cancel I said. About a free month, after what you said no thanks cancel. Well I don't do Nevada again I was tranfered. Rep 4 your service been cancel and will receive a credit cool thanks. At&T is playing a bad game with their customer, that is if you want to cancel anything they going to try to irrate you and see if your drop the call or just change your mind. I figure I order something and is not working out of the box then I don't need you service. Buyer be aware.


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