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Posted on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 at 8:04am CDT by c2d35e1c

Product: Software

Company: Dollwear

Location: US


Category: Other

Went to order software on-line for designing doll clothes at

They only have an internet address; no phone # or physical address.

Placed order on 8-14 at the price of 299.00 and was supposed to get a 'keyword' to register the software.

This was not forthcoming.

Because my browser is slow, I thought the order may not have gone through.

Went back to site on 8-21 to try to order again and found the software was 'on sale' and paid $199.00.

I had received nothing.

Both attempts to purchase software were via credit card information.

When I got my statement, I was shocked to find that BOTH charges went through yet I received nothing from the 'company'.

They use a check-out system via 2CO.COM 2CHECKOUT.COM whom I contacted but after several reports and follow-ups on my part they simply stopped responding.

They originally assured me that my money would be refunded after they contacted Dollwear about the complaint.

They are even BBB endorsed.

Contacting them resulted in nothing.

Similarly, any e-mail attempts to Dollwear were completely ignored; and that is the only means they provide for contacting them.

I tried to file before but could not get information on him until I contacted a person that not only had the info, but told me that many others have been ripped off by this site as well. In checking his business address, it looks likes its in just a residential housing area and not a business section.


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