Dockers - freebie rip-off

Posted on Monday, April 7th, 2008 at 1:13pm CDT by b9de60ce

Product: Free Hotel Break

Company: Dockers

Location: Boston, MA, 02109, US


Category: Other

I have been trying to redeem this voucher for a free 2 night hotel stay and dinner for two since Feb. 14, 2008. The instructions say that you need to give 30 days notice for your date/stay request and that you will be contacted within 10days of receipt of the voucher. After 1 month has passed since I sent in the voucher without anyone contacting me, I called the phone number for TLC Marketing and requested info on my stay request. I had given them 3 separate dates as requested and wanted to make travel arrangements for the end of March 2008. The customer concierge representative couldn't help me and only told me that someone (a booking agent) would be calling me asap. I waited another week and called back on 3/17 and was told that someone would call me back by tomorrow. When no call was received, I called back on 3/18 and was told that there was no info but that another email would be sent to the booking agent asking to contact me asap. On 3/19 I called again trying to get an answer as to if my booking dates were going to be honored and was told that a booking agent would call me within 3-5 days. No one has called me. Today is 4/5. I called again today to see what they were going to do since all three of my booking date choices have since passed. I was told that a booking agent was going to return my call asap for new dates. I am doubtful that anyone will call back since I have been getting the same excuse and response for a month now.


944d953d, 2008-07-09, 09:09PM CDT

I have been trying to redeem my flight voucher through TLC Marketing as part of the Dockers promotion with JC Penney. My experience has been the same. I will NEVER buy another article of Dockers clothing and will tell everyone I know about this scam.

d9e53a49, 2008-09-24, 07:28AM CDT

I've had the same problem. Did you ever solve it with them? It's even tougher now that they are not answering the phone # listed at

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