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Posted on Monday, April 7th, 2008 at 10:53pm CDT by dd24a91f

Company: Allheart Nursing Uniforms and Medical Supplies

Location: 5284 Adolfo Road Suite 250
Camarillo, CA, 93012, US

Category: Other has refused to refund me for a stethoscope they incorrectly monogrammed. I return shipped it back, following their return procedures. Their employee signed receipt, but customer service still stated they didn't receive it back. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and now they are claiming they have refunded me. They have NOT. They have an "F" rating from consumer complaints on the BBB. I wished I would have checked their history first. Buyer Beware!


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6505a4c5, 2008-10-01, 10:39PM CDT

I bought a gift certificate, and then later in the day asked for a refund. Three days later I got an e-mail saying my money would be refunded - now it's been over a month and still no refund.

I filed a complaint with the BBB of Santa Barbara - don't ever purchase from if you're expecting customer service.

32c54474, 2009-06-12, 12:10PM CDT

i know what you mean. I have the same problem, it's been way over a month since i return3ed my items and still haven't received my check. I don't understand why they can't just refund my credit card? So retarded. Now i'm definitely reporting them to BBB...

7359ef06, 2009-08-24, 08:34AM CDT

On 8/16/09 I placed an order and I paid for 2 days delivery (2stestoscope) today 8/24/09 Monday I dont received yet.

Daniel Martinez

45e32a1a, 2010-06-12, 06:44AM CDT is absolutely terrible. I have put up with them for years because their pricing has been low but the customer service is always terrible. With everything from not sending confirmation emails, to billing for items but then not sending them, to the very rude service people that they have working for them, the company just sucks. And now, the latest thing (and final straw) for me, is that I ordered nine pair of uniforms, had seven of them embroidered with LEFT side embroidery and FIVE of them came back embroidered on the right side. I called to complain and asked that the error be corrected and the embroidery changed to the right side and the company is refusing to correct the order. The customer service rep admits that in choosing script, I specified LEFT side in my click history, but in typing my name (which is what I had embroidered) that it was typed under the right side "default" box. That seems like a system error to me! And although I have tried to reason with them, they are refusing to correct the issue. They will miss out on much business behind this, as my entire facility is in the process of switching over to color coded uniforms, but I guess that doesn't matter to a company who has such a poor history with customer service!

47ea0184, 2010-06-12, 06:50AM CDT

Dear Allheart,

I am writing this letter to let you know how very displeased I am with your company. I just spoke with your customer service representitive regarding my order. I was informed that I could not return the uniform tops that I ordered, nor would your company do anything to try and send me corrected uniforms. She stated that I specified that the embroidery be placed on the right side. I DID NOT! After reviewing my "click history", she admitted that I HAD indeed initially clicked "LEFT side embroidery" script for all of the uniforms. However, she states that when asked what I wanted the script to say, (which was my name) that I typed it under the "right side embroidery box". All I know is that I DID indeed choose LEFT side embroidery for the uniforms. The next box to choose was a box asking what I wanted the embroidery to say. And I typed in what I wanted the information to say. If there was a conflict showing that the person wants "left side" embroidery but the name they want entered shows up under the "right side" embroidery text column, then someone should have contacted me to clear up the question of where the embroidery should actually be placed. No one ever did. And she did say herself that my click history shows that I specified "LEFT SIDE EMBROIDERY" although the name was typed under right side text box. (Which I did not select I might add, thus it must automatically come up first as the default.)

And even if I had wanted right side text, I would be sending these back to you because the text on the right side is NOT visible. The lettering is SO far over to the right that it runs into the armpit of the shirt. At the very least, if you are not willing to correct the issue of changing the text over to the left side as I originally specified, you should AT LEAST be willing to move it over more towards the left of the shirt so that it is not hidden in the armpit! You say that 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed but you have not offered to do anything to help correct these issues. I am very upset because I have been ordering from you all for YEARS, have spent A LOT of money with your company and have encouraged my fellow co-workers and employees that I have supervised to do the same! I guarantee you that all of that is about to come to an end. My company is in the process of switching over to color specific uniforms for each department. Over three hundred employees here are searching for a good place to buy decent, quality uniforms at a low price. Just recently the nurses had asked our therapy department where we would be ordering our uniforms from. I had mentioned that I had placed a test order with your company and would show her the products when they arrived. Sadly, my story now will not be one singing your praises but I will be informing them of the error that has been made and how your company refuses to offer any assistance in correcting errors (even with customers who have placed countless orders with you over the years on behalf of herself and her employees.) Due to your inability to try and make sure your customer is 100% satisfied, this will definitely be the last order that I place with you. Also, as an additional show of my dissatisfaction, I will be returning every item that I bought that is not embroidered. Maybe one day you will learn that customer satisfaction DOES matter!


An EX-customer

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